Apple brings ad-blocker extensions to Safari on iPhones

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Apple brings ad-blocker extensions to Safari on iPhones

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:08 pm

Faster iPhones and a new TV box are likely to dominate Apple's launch event on Wednesday, but a tweak to the firm's mobile web browser will arguably be just as far-reaching

The next generation of Apple's mobile operating system will allow ad-blocking extensions

For the first time, Apple will allow adverts to be blocked by the iPhone and iPad versions of Safari.

The move is likely to please users, but will concern the many companies that depend on advertising.

iPhone owners could already block ads via other techniques, but few decided to do so

What is an ad-blocker?
In a nutshell, the term covers a variety of technologies used to prevent adverts appearing on internet-connected devices.
They are already widely used on PCs, where the most common technique is to install a browser plug-in, but are relatively rare on smartphones and tablets.
That's not to say it's impossible to use them on mobile kit.
Apple and Android devices can already run specialised third-party ad-blocking browsers or be made to stop ads appearing by altering their network settings, but the point is that only a small percentage of people do this.

What's the benefit to users?

Ad-blockers could theoretically help mobile phone owners switch to a cheaper data plan
Webpages should be decluttered of distracting content.
Pages should also load more quickly, mobile data allowances should come under less strain and iPhone batteries could also last longer between charges.
Apple's decision to open up Safari, however, could take the activity mainstream.

So, what exactly is Apple doing?

The ad-blocking extensions will affect the behaviour of the mobile web browser Safari

Apple's iOS 9 operating system will allow content blocking extensions to be added to Safari.
These browser add-ons can be set to block certain cookies, images, pop-ups and other content from being downloaded.
Until now, the only way to do something similar was to "jailbreak" the handsets, which also made them more vulnerable to malware.
Apple will not offer its own ad-blocking software.
Instead, people will be able to download extensions made by others from its App Store in a similar way to how they can already install third-party keyboards.


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