How to Disable/Turn Off Notification Sounds in Windows 10

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How to Disable/Turn Off Notification Sounds in Windows 10

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:47 pm

How to Disable/Turn Off Notification Sounds in Windows 10
*_Topic On Disable/Turn Off Notification Sounds_ :-* Hi Friends, This Topic is very Interesting for Windows 10 User's. And This Article Help To Disable Or Turn Off Notification Sound Tips For Windows 10 Only. Disabling notification sounds for app notifications is fairly an easy and uncomplicated task. A Tiny searching in the System Settings, several clicks will be just about all that’s Needed. So, Today we all may show you the way to Disable Or Turn Off Notification Sounds.

Windows 10 is usually getting the main notification System and further expanding the it, adding a dedicated panel that slides out of the right screen side. It is used to listing
older notifications you've missed while you’re from this laptop or computer.

Toast notifications now slide out along the bottom, which can be annoying whenever files are added to your Dropbox or a Above screenshot is taken or you plug in a removable storage device. Here’s a quick manual to be able to changing Microsoft windows 10’s notification behaviour including muting sounds.

1. Now, To access the settings to turn off notifications, click on the notifications icon in the taskbar’s System tray place, and then click *“All settings”*.

2. The particular New-look Settings are slowly replacing the Old Control panel example that has inhabited Microsoft windows produces
   since the 90s. On the main Setting display, you need to click the “System” Option.

3. Click on the*“Notifications & actions”* Class. Underneath the *“Notifications”* Area, there is a control to *“Show software notifications”*, that will turn them fully off of. Down below this particular there are Options to*disable* certain apps from displaying.

4. In *“Sound”* click on the *“Sounds” tab* and you can either remove system sounds completely, or configure them individually.

5. The actual event is called *“Notifications”* so that is easy enough to find. When you do, click the scrolling menu at the bottom of the
   control panel next to the *“Test”* button, scroll to the top and select *“None”*, and click *“Apply” *or*“OK”*.

6. Truly, this is really Old School, and we Genuinely trust Microsoft sorts it out because it would be So much simpler just to have the turn notification sounds off in the notification settings.

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Re: How to Disable/Turn Off Notification Sounds in Windows 10

Post by jack frost on Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:06 pm

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