Shadows of the Past episode 47 what to expect on UTV on Saturday 7th November 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 47 what to expect on UTV on Saturday 7th November 2015

Post by nyz on Sat Nov 07, 2015 1:23 pm

Hello UTV fans and telenovela fans this is what will be shown on Shadows of the Past tonight at 8pm on UTV

After Dominga becomes so nervous seeing Alvatrie with Lola at Madam Emma’s shop, Lola introduces Alvatrie to her and as her new friend and Alvatrie wanted to give Dominga a hand shake but she ignored her and she (Alvatrie) had no choice than to say buy to Lola and then left. After Alvatrie left, Lola queries his grandmother on why she did that towards Alvatrie when she hardly know her but Dominga again never gave a listen ears to Lola and quickly run after Alvatrie to warn her to stay away from her granddaughter but Alvatrie refuses and tells Dominga that may be it is fate that has brought them together and there’s nothing she can do to separate them though she hasn’t reveal her identity to Lola.
Renato’s boss still feels anger towards him for neglecting his job to do different business since Abelardo caused all those confusion. Silvia took Abelardo’s number as requested by her boss and Silvia thinking Abelardo has left unknowingly to her that he was eavesdropping to hear her phone call with Renato, she calls Renato to inform him about how angry their boss has become due to the some one’s interruption and immediately Renato could detect that it was Abelardo who went there to just destroy him. So, he called his boss to plead with him to give him up till the next day so he can explained things clearly to him.
Valeria visits candela to inform him about Cristobal’s apology to her and how it makes her feels that he still loves her very much and she hopes gradually everything is going to become normal again and candela grows so happy and pledges her full support to make it work so they will be together.
Severiano confronts Father Jeronimo to warn him to stay away from his wife and not try to lure her into giving him any information about Roberta’s child if not he would have him to contend with and Father Jeronimo challenges him that no matter what he will also get to the button of the issue to reveal his real and wicked identity to the world. Severiano then questions Father Jeronimo if he wants to declare war on him and he tells him to take it any how he chooses. So Severiano angrily threatens him to just accept any consequences that will come his way. Whiles he walks out of the parish, he meets Aldonza on the way and threatens her also that, he is going to also crash her under his foot like a common insect and would be reduced to tears and regret having chosen to come back to Santa Lucia. Aldonza then enters to ask Father Jeronimo on why Severiano came there but he refuses to tell her but still Aldonza sensed something fishy but she just went ahead to invite him to have dinner with them in their house and he agrees.
Mr. Uriel’s client calls to inform her that her money was not up to date and he becomes so confused and asks his secretary if she actually counted the money well before giving it out to their client and she confirms that the money was intact.
Valeria calls Cristobal and she invite him so they could go out to watch movies at the cinema and he accepts upon his mother’s insisting.
Father Jeronimo and Renato arrive at Aldonza’s house to have dinner with them and in that same vein, Severiano has also hid himself under some shades far away watching their steps so immediately father Aldonza and Adelina welcomed Jeronimo and Renato into the house, Severiano goes straight to father Jeronimo’s car to caused damage to it. After dinner, father Jeronimo asks permission from them to leave to go have the last mass and unknowingly to him that damage has been caused to his vehicle, on his way, he continuously reflects on Severiano’s threat and whiles in that mood, he realized that his break fails and unfortunately for him the car summersaults a thousand times and caught fire. Luckily for him, Cristobal has also set on the way to go pick Valeria to the cinema and he bumps into the accident and quickly goes to rescue him and calls for ambulance to take him to the hospital and upon reaching there, he calls Aldonza to give her the news and the point is he may die as he’s unconscious.

Stay tuned to Shadows of the Past (La sombre de la Pasado) on UTV from Fridays - Sundays at 8:00pm - 9:00pm

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