La Gata "last but one episode" 120 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 11th November 2015

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La Gata "last but one episode" 120 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 11th November 2015

Post by nyz on Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:08 pm

La Gata is ending very soon. Here is what to expect in today's episode

After the doctor checked on the two children and discovers that Garabato’s son has a severe kidney problem that may cause him to lose his life, he couldn’t hold back his tears one bit after he geos check on him at the ward as the is a great significant in his life.
Ines continues to insists that Mrs. Rita tells her who is the mother of Garabato’s son since the boy told her that he has no mother and also the boy looks like Garabato and her child was to be with he would have been of the same age as Carlos but Mrs. Rita not being able to control herself enough spilled the truth out to Ines.
After The doctor has tested Garabato’s blood sample he finds out that he and his son’s blood isn’t compatible and therefore there is no way their kidney will match so the doctor asks him to bring the boy’s mother so they can also test her blood since experience he can detect that theirs will surely match for them to do the transplant as soon as possible. This comes as a great challenge to Garabato but he has no choice than to as the doctor suggests after all of his friends also pushed him that he do as the doctor says though he still feels but about the idea of Ines selling their son.
Ines goes to take shower and whiles bathing she feels very remorseful within her and states to herself that, she has indeed did a lot of evil things so she has no options than to clean her body from all those guilt to beg the heavens for forgiveness and mercy though she can attest to the fact that she has no future with Garabato but for the sake of winning at least her son’s respect though it’s already too late to win his love, may be if she washes herself well, he can one day looks at her son in the eye without having him to feel embarrassed and ashamed of her.
Garabato goes quickly to Mrs. Rita’s house to ask for Ines and Garabato never felt any anger towards Mrs. Rita even after disclosing to him that she has told the truth to Ines but all he demanded was to see her and a twinkle of an eye Ines enters looking so neat and pretty and Garabato testifies to it. He then gave the news to her Ines couldn’t contain the hurt and Garabato and her embraced each other to console themselves and they both left to the hospital.
Esmeralda and her children have packed to leave the house but the children demands that their father goes with them and Esmeralda explained to them that their father has to take care of their mother so he is going to join them later and Dorilla encouraged Esmeralda for taking the best and bold decision.
Fela still will not understand why Lorenza hates Esmeralda with so much passion and Silencioso tells that maybe it’s for pleasure and with this anyone that stays in their house will forever be cursed.
Ines offers to donate her kidney for her child so he can have a full life and she prays that God saves him for her. After the transplant, the doctor confesses to Garabato that the procedure has left Ines in a bad condition that; everything seems that she can’t be able to make it back to life. Garabato goes to see her to have a chart and after a while Ines gave up the ghost leaving Garabato with only memories of the their past relationship.
Hedger use the opportunity now that Lorenza is sick to persuade on embezzling that account that Silencioso left them because Lorenza put all the money in her name as he advised him to do and since he had all the information, it was very easy for him to transfer all the millions in his name and therefore he tells Gisela that, in case there’s an emergency they can both run away out of the country to leave Lorenza with nothing.
Lorenza comes out of comma the next day and asks Pablo to bring Pablito to see her only to be told that Esmeralda has left the house with all of the children and she begins to do her thing again as usual and pablo goes to ask from Jarocha to take the children including Virginia to see his mother and she agrees.
Dorilla takes both Virginia and Leticia to go see Lorenza and upon reaching there and Lorenza detecting that Pablito isn’t inclusive, she begins call the children filthy people and Dorilla not being able to contain Lorenza’s insult on the kids since shuts at Lorenza she is not going to allow her to insult the kids especially knowing Virginia is her granddaughter and Lorenza becomes so shocked.
Esmeralda reaches home only to be told that pablo came for the children but he returned both Leticia and Virginia and it sounded very odd to her so she furiously goes to Lorenza’s apartment to ask pablo to give her back her son as she is not willing to let her stay there for a second and pablo thinks Pablito’s presence has been of good help to his mother’s health but Esmeralda thinks otherwise therefore she is not leaving without Pablito.

Stay tuned to tonight's Episode at 8:00pm

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