Shadows of the Past episode 51 what to expect on UTV on Sunday 15th November 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 51 what to expect on UTV on Sunday 15th November 2015

Post by nyz on Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:27 pm

Shadows of the Past episode 51 on UTV tonight this is what will be shown on your TV screens

Humberto gets so furious about Severiano asking him to kill Father Jeronimo at the expense of his career. He therefore tells Severiano that, he took that job to save people’s lives and not to kill them therefore he’s not going to do it because he now sees him as a monster and more wicked than he thought.
Renato asks Aldonza to make them sell the apartment to sort the other tenants who got affected with fire and she agrees. She then asks Renato about what he’s going to do since he’s fired from his job and Renato tells her that he will try to set up a new firm and then employ Patricio and Silvia since it was through him they got fired.
Lola meets with Cristobal and asks him to go be with Aldonza at the hospital and forgo his pride because Aldonza still loves him but the reason why she pushes him away from her is that she only fears to lose control of herself to him but Cristobal comes up with his enviness against Renato and Lola advices him to put away his pride because where love is pride vanishes.
Since Abelardo mentioned that he had no idea of the lost money his father questioned him about, Uriel has no choice than to apologize to him and Abelardo felt so happy that for the first time in his life his father has asked for his forgiveness and they embraced each other.
Severiano pays Abelardo a great sum of salary for a good job done especially for burning down Aldonza’s house and he looks so over excited. Severiano then questioned him if he actually can say that he left no trace of evidence which investigators can use against him and Abelardo answers with full assurance of himself. Severiano again warn him to keep everything between them as a secret if not, he will have him to contend with.
Valeria meets Abelardo and after satisfying their sexual desires, they continue to kiss in the car and unluckily for them, Adelina and Aldonza catches them red handed from afar and they become so shocked since Aldonza even felt bad for her for Cristobal’s break up with her and had wanted him to go back for Valeria.
Cristobal goes to see father Jeronimo at the hospital and after Aldonza happens also bumps into him and while they argue over as to who to stay at ward or leave after Aldonza has asked Cristobal to leave the ward after seeing him there, they later hugged each other passionately since they brought good luck through their argument as father Jeronimo came fully out of comma in that same vein.
Cristobal goes out to wander and whiles in the mood, he begins to reflect his mind on Melesio and Domingo’s advice to him concerning how he should fight for his happiness that is Aldonza. He quickly comes back to the hospital to have a passionate talk with Aldonza and through that, asks her to marry him as soon as possible as he can’t do without her and Aldonza thinks it sounds very silly since their parents think otherwise.

Stay tuned to La sombre de la Pasado (shadows of the past) on UTV from Fridays - Sundays at 8:00pm - 9:00pm

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