Read what to expect on tonight's episode of the UNFORGIVABLE

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Read what to expect on tonight's episode of the UNFORGIVABLE

Post by nyz on Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:32 am

Salma goes to the kitchen to see if veronica is there to check on dinner but unfortunately veronica was nowhere to be found and after enquiring from the nanny Matilde tells her that she asked veronica to go out and attend to some of the guests and Salma cautions Matilde not to go against her orders anytime he gives one. Whiles they chart Virginia intentionally enters to give a helping hand to Salma but she rather asks Virginia to go to the party since she has noticed that she is the center of attraction because she first saw her with Emiliano and later martin. Virginia then tells auntie Salma that she has always been the center of attraction but veronica always of luring those men from her and in a second veronica and martin enters the kitchen and Salma becomes angry and ask Virginia to take him out and keep him company and after they left, Salma scold veronica to imposing herself on men who always find Virginia attractive like martin. She then tries to remind veronica of her mother’s bad attitude which landed her death but this time around veronica shuts her down not to insult her mother or her because of a mistake her past issues and also her mother’s past got nothing to do with her.
Virginia after she takes martin out she tries again to tarnish veronica’s image to martin as usual to prove herself right before others that she is the saint one.

Matilde goes to see veronica in her room to check on her and veronica expressed how much love she’s developed for martin but Auntie Salma thinks that martin is rather interested in Virginia but she is not going to allow her sayings to discourage her one bit to shut down her happiness and Matilde grows so happy for her.
All set for the party and Jorge takes the microphone to pronounce his son Emiliano as going to manage all of his business from now on without letting veronica know about it since she as the one who was managing it. Emiliano becomes angry about his father’s decision but veronica asks him to accept it since his father looks so happy doing that and she doesn’t feel hurt at all. Emiliano still felt bored about the decision and left the party and quickly Virginia goes after him to ask him to allow her congratulate him in a special way but Emiliano refuses and Virginia pinpoints it straight to him that she is really much in love with him but Emiliano tells her that he only sees her as her cousin but she still insists that he loves her. Virginia then tells Emiliano that Demetrio was a guy who was interested in her but veronica lured him from her and she can truly testify that they became lovers.
Salma tries to convince her husband that veronica takes exactly after her parent’s bad attitude but Jorge will never accept that from her correcting his wife that veronica is as best as any man would want from a woman and not a flirt as she presumes because she was raised from her childhood under their good values.
Martin and Virginia continues to have a chart about Demetrio and in the mood veronica tells martin that she wants to give herself a chance to love someone and to be loved even if it takes to be hurt in the process and martin also had that same idea so unknowingly to veronica whiles they stirred straight into their eyes, martin kissed her surprisingly and quickly veronica pushed him away and asked him not to take advantage of her feelings again because they barely know each other. She then walks out on him.
Emiliano goes to see his father to inquire if veronica is still in a relationship with Demetrio because he is deeply in love with her and his father tells him that as far as he knows veronica is still single because Demetrio left the ranch to a place they know nothing about so if he really thinks he do love veronica then he should do things to win her over because that will even make him happy as that is what he (Jorge) has always wanted.
Veronica gets home to happily blow the news about martin’s first kiss to her nanny Matilde and how she loved it though she became bored because martin forced himself on her and Matilde felt so happy for veronica and hugged her.
Virginia goes to see martin to warn him to be careful with veronica because she is a deadly trap to any man who falls in love with her and this was after martin has told her that he knows veronica to be very firm and strong woman but she is not rude. Martin then asks Virginia if she knew Demetrio that much since he was his uncle’s administrator in his company and she tells him that she actually knew him as very handsome and a hardworking person and always fond of veronica looking very inseparable wherever they go but he left without returning till now and no one knows why.
Manuel tells Ana Perla that until their grandfather pushes her to also work in the mines he is never going to make him see reason to believe that she is good girl and can’t so spoilt as he makes their grandfather believes of her.
Emiliano still having some doubts speaks to veronica to tell him about the relationship she had between Demetrio and veronica explained that their only relationship was on business terms because Demetrio was the one who thought her many things about the company and it got to a point she became fond of him but he took a decision to go and leave all of this in search of quick money and since she wasn’t in support it ended up in a quarreled. Emiliano pushed him to tell him the truth because he really is in love with her and can’t stand to see her loving a different person like martin aside him but veronica tells him that she really love him very much but as her cousin and brother because she is in love with martin.

Stay tuned to tonight's Episode at 8:00pm! Watch the Repeat every afternoon at 2:30 pm

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