Shadows of the Past episode 57 what to expect on UTV on Sunday 29th November 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 57 what to expect on UTV on Sunday 29th November 2015

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We are continuing with Shadows of the Past
After Severiano overheard Renato saying something about the detective disclosing about a fingerprint to him which may seem to be the one who caused the fire and Renato tells Aldonza that he correctly told the detective that those fingerprints belongs to Abelardo Largos and Severiano becomes very nervous upon hearing that so he made an attempt to come forth towards them with his gun without their noticing that he was there with them but luckily for them the apartment security enters and Severiano quickly pulled back to hide and they all left the apartment followed by Severiano.
Emmanuel walking down the street with his belonging sees Lola with Patricio having some snack at the restaurant and he becomes so hurt with heart full of only memories.

Joaquin thinks that filing a lawsuit against Flabia or running away with his son is the best but Silvia thinks otherwise since it will only cause hurt to him and also scare Flabia instead and will have no choice than to travel to a different country with kid at the end so she rather suggest to Joaquin to calm down since nothing bad will happen because she will do nothing stupid knowing that she will answer to the police with her actions.
Humberto arrives home only to be informed by his family that they have thrown Emmanuel out of the house. He grows so furious and asks them why on earth they could do such a thing since Emmanuel is also part of the family but they insist that he proves disrespectful towards them and that led to that and Humberto says to them that he will go look for him because he believes that Emmanuel only chose to leave since they provoked him to the maximum.
Abelardo continues to gamble with his friends and Severiano calls to rain insults on him for being so stupid to leave his fingerprints in the apartment and now the police are coming after him so he should go find a place to hide and not to even go to their house either since they have already issued an arrest warrant in both his house and his too (Severiano) until he makes sure that things are cleared but in case they catch him he should not let anything out to them.
Renato takes Aldonza to his parents apartment and offered him her his bedroom whiles he sleeps at the guest house to stay there till she returns but Aldonza thinks otherwise but after Renato’s father descends to tell her she can stay all she wants till she returns to Santa Lucia, she agrees and thanked them for their kindness.
Cristobal witnessing sleepless night on his bed since he continues to think about Aldonza quickly goes to speak with Melesio and Dominga at dawn to allow him speak with Lola and after Lola comes out, he asks her to tell him the where about of Aldonza or even give him her address as he learnt that she’s gone to Mexico but Lola tells him that even if she gives him the address it will be useless because Aldonza may now be staying at a different place since her apartment burn down and Cristobal felt very hurt upon hearing that and Lola suggested that she will go see Patricio to gather the information and bring to him.
The police go to uriel’s house to issue an arrest warrant on Abelardo and after Uriel inquires the reason they disclose to the family about he being suspect in a burnt apartment and they find it too weird.
Candela dresses up to go see Jeronimo and Dominga tries to prevent her from going since she is only going there because she has always loved him and candela stated that, of course because she can’t hide her love for Jeronimo and all this while Cristobal stood at the entrance of the door to eavesdrop their conversation without them noticing so he quickly enters upon hearing his mother’s confession to confronts her to stress what she said again about that forbidden love of hers towards a man of the cloak. Candela becomes so nervous and speechless so Cristobal easily tells her that he clearly understands why her marriage with his father never worked due to her great obsession towards a priest and therefore he pities her very much and should never tell him again that Aldonza isn’t good for him because she doesn’t have the moral tendency to do so.
Lola goes to see Patricio to get to know the where about of Aldonza and whiles he tells Lola about it, Silvia tiptoes to listen and after she goes straight to see Cristobal to inform him that Aldonza is with Renato and they are sleeping together and Cristobal becomes very anxious.

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