Shadows of the Past episode 58 what to expect on UTV on Friday 4th December 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 58 what to expect on UTV on Friday 4th December 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode -La sombre de la Pasado 58 showing tonight on UTV read what to expect below

After Silvia had disclosed to Cristobal about where he can locate Aldonza since he is dare in need to see her, she asked Cristobal to keep it a secret between them and act fast on it if not they are both going to lose because there is the possibility that Renato will win over Aldonza whiles at Mexico. She again gives him her complementary card so he can reach out to her for information and Cristobal thanked her.
Humberto angrily confront candela to enquire why Severiano fired Emmanuel from his job and candela tells him that she can blame him for anything since she had no idea about it and even if that is true she care less about it. Humberto then tells candela that they will forever regret treating Emmanuel so because he is a hardworking young guy and it’s a pity they find it difficult to see how valuable Emmanuel can be but they will only realized it when it’s only too late.
Lolo excuses Madam Emma and Dominga to go look for Emmanuel after hearing how he has been sacked from both his job and home. She goes straight to confront Valeria about why they throw Emmanuel out of the house and when Valeria tries to be sarcastic towards her, she slaps her and left and Valeria becomes so furious and says that Lola is going to regret ever hitting her.
Joaquin and Emmanuel have a chat and after Emmanuel tries to leave with his belongings to look for a place to stay but Joaquin asks him to stay with him since he will also be in need of a company since his wife has run away with his son. So Emmanuel agreed and stayed with him.
The police go to Las Animas to speak with Severiano about Abelardo’s case but candela asks them to come back later since he wasn’t there. She then enters to call Severiano to inform him about the issue and he tells her that it may be a misunderstanding on the part of the police because Abelardo only run errands for him.
Abelardo goes to seek refuge from Thomas’ house after Severiano has asked him to hide himself and after getting there he lies to Thomas’ parents that, he had problems with his parent and though he’s begged them they will still not listen but they still ask him to continue to plead with them for forgiveness. They then ask him to stay as long as he can but make sure to inform them that he is with them.
Aldonza discloses to Renato that Cristobel proposed marriage to her but she’s broken up with him after she sees him kissed Valeria.
After Severiano received a call from candela, he goes to see the detective to place himself once again at the disposal for any investigation they need to know concerning Abelardo concerning a fire he’s been linked to and the detective asks him if he knows the where about of Abelardo but he tells them he had no idea but in case he finds him he will come with him there for further interrogation. He then tells the detective that one reason coming there also is because it has become the trend of the Alcocer family that the blame him for every misfortune that comes their way but the detective never falls for his trick to disclose anything further to him because he find it so weird and told Severiano that they still have to compare Abelardo’s figure print with the one they have discovered in the apartment and without that there’s nothing they can do.
Prudencia goes to see Thomas and whiles they keep on having fun, Abelardo bumps into them and reminded Prudencia of that slap she came over to his house to give him and Prudencia seeing that there is danger since Abelardo is capable of telling Humberto she quickly run out of the house and Thomas pleaded with Abelardo not to let that secret out of his mouth and he agrees.
Valeria reports to candela about the how insolent Lola has behaved towards her and candela tells her that Lola has reached her limit and therefore is going to make her leave the house for that assault on Valeria.
Lola sees Emmanuel and after she told him about the slap she gave to Valeria, Emmanuel becomes so happy and right there their love for each other rose up and just when they were about kissing, Patricio arrives to question Emmanuel what he is doing with girlfriend and in that same vein, Mary also reaches and it ended up in great argument ad each of them walk away with their partners.
Since Aldonza’s finance continue to go down the drain Renato decides to go into partnership with him so she can start the farming business and she seems so happy with the idea and whiles they hug each other, Cristobal hit hard at the car and tells Aldonza that he came over to Mexico to get her back but she refuses to listen to him and asks him to go away and Cristobal pick a fight with Renato for interrupting.
Cristobal refuses to go even after Renato and Aldonza entered the house and locked it. He continuously ring the doorbell and screaming out Aldonza’s name for her to come out so they can talk things over and Renato grows so angry telling Aldonza Cristobal is trying his patient and also wonders who could have given him his address for him to come looking for Aldonza there. Since things keeps getting out of hands because of Cristobal’s persistence, Aldonza decides to go see Cristobal to talk things over with him but she only reached outside to see Cristobal drove off his car.

Stay tuned to La sombre de la Pasado (Shadows of the Past) on UTV from Fridays - Sundays @ 8:00pm

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