Shadows of the Past episode 59 what to expect on UTV on Saturday 5th December 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 59 what to expect on UTV on Saturday 5th December 2015

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We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),

Since things keeps getting out of hand because of Cristobal’s persistence to speak with Aldonza, Aldonza decides to go see Cristobal to talk things over with him but she only reached outside to see Cristobal drove off his car.
Whiles Cristobal set on the way going he says to himself that if it is Aldonza’s wish not to see him again then she won’t for the rest of her life.
Patricio speaks with Lola and out of the blue Emmanuel comes out of Humberto’s office to see both of them kissing from a distance and as usual since he couldn’t contain the sight, quickly walk away. After he walked away without their notice, Patricio tries to steal a kiss from Lola and Lola becomes offended for doing that to her, so she slaps Patricio and warns him that he is not to try taking advantage of her love for him. Melesio arrives right there and Lola decides to go home with him.
Candela calls Severiano whiles he is with Alvatrie to inform him about Cristobal’s disappearance to Mexico City without saying goodbye to her and immediately Severiano detects that if Cristobal only came to Mexico to be with Aldonza.
Thomas suggests to Abelardo that he only wants to use his relationship with Prudencia to blackmail her for lots of dough and all he requires is photographs of their sex making and others but Abelardo tells him that he need not to think of those photographs since he is a witness of their affair already but Thomas thinks his witness will only ruin his plans.
Candela calls Dominga to ask Lola to come over and after they both came, candela asks her to spill out the truth to her if Aldonza is in Mexico city and Lola after telling her she knew nothing about that, Valeria calls her a liar and only covering up for Aldonza and Lola tells her that if indeed Cristobal is with Aldonza then she feels really happy since with that Valeria will realized that he doesn’t love her and the saying hit Valeria to the maximum and not being able to stand it slaps Lola and Lola also jumps on her to hold her by the neck and Dominga and candela had to separate them.
Cristobal on his way to Santa Lucia decides once again to go back to tell Aldonza about his feelings towards her and whiles he turns back and just almost a distance to Renato’s house, he receives a call from Valeria and in deciding to pick it ends him up in an accident and Renato and Aldonza quickly rush down to take him to hospital after getting the information.
Humberto meets with the sales woman at the wrist watch shop where Prudencia went to buy a watch an ask her not to tell his husband, she asks Humberto if she actually loved the wrist watch Prudencia bought for him and Humberto becomes so confused since he had no idea and the lady seeing that she has broken her promise to Prudencia excused Humberto and run off. Whiles Humberto sets on his way home, he bumps into Prudencia and Abelardo and Abelardo asking Prudencia to give him money to keep his silence if not he will blow the trumpet for her husband to know her affair with Thomas. Abelardo immediately walks off after seeing Humberto.
Upon reaching home, Humberto quickly enquires from her wife if she is cheating on him with Abelardo and Prudencia slaps him for thinking that about her.
Aldonza goes to see Cristobal at the hospital ward and since he wants any means of winning Aldonza’s attention, he pretends to look so ill and wants to die in front of Aldonza and Aldonza falls for his trick. He then demands that Aldonza gives him a kiss and just when she is about kissing him, the doctor enters to ask Cristobal that he is well and can go home now but Cristobal insists on being seriously sick and right there Aldonza sees that Cristobal was lying to her just to win her attention so she gets angry and walks out of the ward and Cristobal quickly runs after her and says that though she’s caught him, but she should tell him that she is not mad at her anymore for the kiss Valeria gave him and she accepts and both of the kiss each other at the hospital and Renato bumps into them and though looking so shocked, he congratulates them and accepts right before them that, there is nothing he can do to separate them because they truly are in love with each other.
Uriel and his wife Madam Emma wonders why Abelardo will chose to hide if indeed he hasn’t done anything wrong but Uriel thinks that they are not to get too much worried and if surely he’s done something he must face the consequences since he’s not willing for his parents to see him.
Candela still on her search for Cristobal so she goes to speak with father Jeronimo to enquire from him if Aldonza has gone to Mexico city and after answering her, she demands that he gives her the telephone number or the address of her so that she can get in touch with Cristobal since he left with her. father Jeronimo tells her to stop interfering in Cristobal affair since he has the right to decide on the woman he wants to spend his life with and Candela looking so furious tries to insult Aldonza as an indecent woman and quickly Adelina barge into the conversation to shut her mouth not to talk about indecency when she even had gut to kiss a whole priest and looking so nervous candela quickly run out of the house.
Severiano confronts Renato to disclose to him where he can find Aldonza because where she is, his son will also be but Renato fail to tell him anything and only tells him that if even he is to disclose their where about to him Severiano is never going to like it and can’t separate them and Severiano becomes nervous.
Renato allows Cristobal and Aldonza to sleep in their house and they woke up and decides to get married in a civil way and they did exactly so with the sisterhood friends being witnesses to their wedding. The registrar after all the signing pronounces them as husband and wife.

Stay tuned to La sombre de la Pasado (shadows of the past) on UTV from Fridays - Sundays at 8:00pm

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