Shadows of the Past episode 62 what to expect on UTV on Saturday 12th December 2015

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Shadows of the Past episode 62 what to expect on UTV on Saturday 12th December 2015

Post by nyz on Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:52 pm

Tonight on Shadows of the Past

Emmanuel comes out of Humberto’s office and lola asks him if the doctor confirmed that he is really his son as stated by Prudencia and Emmanuel answers her that Humberto denies it but it doesn’t matter to him because he will still go on to search for who his real parents are.
Dominga advises candela to stay out of Cristobal’s affair and stop insisting to separate him and Aldonza f no she will gradually lose the love of his son and candela becomes so nervous and sacks Dominga out of her room to keep her advice to herself.
Adriano goes to look for Abelardo at his house to settle scores with him and take his money but he is told by Uriel that Abelardo isn’t there. Uriel then asks him who he is and Adriano discloses to him that he is into gambling with Abelardo and he owes him lots of money so, he is asking Uriel to warn Abelardo to bring him his money if not he we will have him to contend with.
Father Jeronimo advises Adelina to give herself a chance to open up for a man but she thinks it’s off no use and also the only man she has ever loved is Raymundo and he becomes very shock at her statement but Adelina pleads with to keep it a secret without telling Aldonza.
Prudencia looking how embarrassed it becomes whenever her husband confronts her to enquire if she is cheating on him, she decides to break up with Thomas so, she meets with him to offer her last kiss to him in the public space and Thomas takes it as a big blow.
Humberto returns from work to discover that all of his luggages have been packed at the living room and after asking Valeria, she tells him that it was her mother who packed them and she says that Humberto can now sleep in his son’s (Emmanuel) room after lying to them for a long time that Emmanuel isn’t his son. Humberto not to argue anymore took the things into Emmanuel’s room and slept there.
Aldonza calls Renato and they talked about how the investigation is ongoing on the burnt apartment and after Renato tells her that the police are still doing their best to get Abelardo to compare the finger prints and Aldonza tells him that she wishes that they find Abelardo for Severiano to pay for all of his dealings. Cristobal overhears it and after the call asks her why she blames his father on that case too and she tells him that because they believe that Abelardo acted according to Severiano’s order to burn down the apartment.
Renato calls Silvia to inform Patricio so they look for apartment in Santa Lucia for them to establish a law firm there to help the town deal against injustices and Silvia becomes so happy for hearing that. Silvia informs Patricio about it so they start looking in the newspapers and calling numbers to see if there accommodations available. Patricio upon seeing how Silvia aims so high to be with Renato, he advises her not raise her hopes very high on Renato since anything can happen but Silvia answers him that she knows the risk involve but she just want to give it a try.
To be able to help Emmanuel to by the horse he wishes to buy, Mary meets with Emmanuel at the bar and she gives him the little of her savings and asks Emmanuel to add some to it to get the horse he intend to buy and Emmanuel thanks her and promised her all his love.
Lola receives a letter from Alvatrie and just when she is about opening it, Dominga looking so suspicious that Alvatrie’s letter could disclose to Lola about her identity, Dominga quickly takes the letter from Lola and without reading it, tears it into pieces making Lola so worried. She then furiously enquire from Dominga why she hates Alvatrie with so much passion and Dominga reveals to her that Alvatrie is her mother and that they only lied to her that her mother was death to protect her.

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