Shadows of the Past episode 63

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Shadows of the Past episode 63

Post by nyz on Mon Dec 14, 2015 1:25 pm

We are continuing with with La sombre de la Pasado (Shadows of the Past),

Lola receives a letter from Alvatrie and just when she is about opening it, Dominga looking so suspicious that Alvatrie’s letter could disclose to Lola about her identity, Dominga quickly takes the letter from Lola and without reading it, tears it into pieces making Lola so worried. She then furiously enquire from Dominga why she hates Alvatrie with so much passion and Dominga reveals to her that Alvatrie is her mother and that they only lied to her that her mother was death to protect her. Lola grows very angry even after Dominga explained to her that they only did that thinking that as the best. Lola then tells her grandmother that hiding the truth from her did not help at all rather she now hates her mother and also them and therefore do not want to see her ever again because she is never going to forgive them.
Emmanuel goes to the ranch to ask Melesio about when Solitario lonely will be delivered to the owner and to plead with him to delay the process so he can gather money to buy it but Melesio thinks it is a stupid idea. Whiles they keep chatting, Lola walks in to walks in to warn his grandfather that she doesn’t want to see him either in her life they have lied to her their whole life. She left in pain and in deep tears and Melesio seeing how hurt Lola looks asks Emmanuel to go after her and see to it that she doesn’t harm herself.
Candela overhears the screaming and she goes down to ask Dominga about it and she tells the truth to her but she becomes shock disbelieve for hearing it was Alvatrie.
Emmanuel asks Lola to forgive her grandparents since it was for the best but she tells him that never will she do that because their actions are unforgivable since they had the chance to tell her the truth as she always tell them that she wish she had a mother but they put death ears to it for their selfish interest. Emmanuel then asks her about her next action and she tells him that, she will go see Alvatrie and speak to hear her side of the story.
Melesio enters the kitchen to tell Dominga that he feels really at ease now since sooner than later Lola would have found out the truth about this whole thing. He then asks Dominga what happened before she could tell her the truth and Dominga reveals to Melesio that Lola receives a letter from Tonia and she said it was from Alvatrie and hearing just that pushed her to take the letter from Lola and tore it into pieces thinking Alvatrie was going to disclose her real identity to Lola. He asks her what exactly was written in the letter and Dominga says she never read it and he saw that Dominga really has behave a bit childish but all the same he consoled her.
Humberto arrives home to hear his wife Prudencia speaking on phone throughout the call all one could tell that the both of them were insulting Aldonza so he gets angry and quickly goes to take phone from her and cautions her to stop destroying someone’s daughter when she barely know her real character and sometimes he regret getting married to her.
Aldonza and Cristobal arrive in Santa Lucia and they go straight to see father Jeronimo and Adelina. Upon reaching there, they blow the news to them about their marriage and though it comes as a surprise to them but they become happy hearing that and congratulated them. Father Jeronimo then tells Cristobal to tell his parents about before he will agree to officiate them for their church wedding since he doesn’t want it to secretive as they did for the civil wedding and Cristobal agreed.
Abelardo sneaks into Severiano’s ranch to look for money but when he find no money, he picks up Severiano’s gun and unfortunately for him, candela knocks at the door and after he opens it, candela enquires from him why he is there and he says to her he only came to deliver some receipts to the boss. Whiles he comes out of the ranch, he bumps into Valeria and she tries to be sarcastic towards him but he tells her that, it is crystal clear that she doesn’t know how to treat those who love her and that is why Cristobal chose Aldonza over her and it’s also why Cristobal doesn’t value her because she is not worth it.
Adelina scolds Aldonza for going behind her back to do a civil wedding and she pleads with her to forgive and they both hugged.
Cristobal arrives home to see his mum and Valeria and angrily candela slaps him for leaving to Mexico City without letting her know and more so her house isn’t a hotel where he can go and come in at any time he chooses. Cristobal feeling so hurt tells his mum that, she is not worry because he will not keep long in her house and candela and Valeria become nervous.
Lola goes to look for her mother but she couldn’t found her so she went straight to the church to seek refuge there and father Jeronimo goes to console her and advises her to forgive her grandparents but she still refuses.
Mary goes to the shop but it was locked up so he goes home to inform her mum about it and Madam Emma finds it so strange since Lola is always responsible and punctual to work but they come into a conclusion that Lola might have faced great challenge.
Lola meets Aldonza and after explaining her worry to her, she pleads with her to allow her to go pack her things to stay with her and Aldonza accepts but she advises her to forgive her grandparents because may be they did it for her own good.
Aldonza in town and suddenly some women start gossiping about her while they see her pass so she turns to warn them to stop because they barely know her if not she is going to drag them around town and they will not forget. Valeria from nowhere arrives and starts stating all sorts of things about Aldonza flirting with Cristobal and quickly Aldonza slaps her to shut her mouth.

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