Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 18th December 2015

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 18th December 2015

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Aldonza walks in town and suddenly some women start gossiping about her while they see her pass so she turns to warn them to stop because they barely know her if not she is going to drag them around town and they will not forget. Valeria from nowhere arrives and starts stating all sorts of things about Aldonza flirting with Cristobal and quickly Aldonza slaps her to shut her mouth. She added that, she can be whatever Valeria and any of them may think that she is but her conscience is clear because none of them can declare their conscience right as she has done. Valeria then tells her that if they are to go round Santa Lucia who is the righteous one, Aldonza is going to lose Cristobel forever and sooner or later Cristobal will really realize who Aldonza is and will run back into her arms for sure. Aldonza just laughed at Valeria and tells her to keep dreaming because when she finally wakes up the only person she will have by her side is Abelardo largos and that is even if he will be still interested in her.
Abelardo goes home to meet his mum and she shed tears and hugs him passionately asking him to disclose to her about the wrong he’s committed that has compelled him to hide even from his family but Abelardo in great anguish and not being able to hold back his tears tells his mum that he really knows that he has become a great disappointment but he only asks them to forgive him. She quickly runs out of the house telling his mum that he can’t stay in the house.
Whiles he run to find a place to hide, he bumps into his gambling team and Adriano demands that he pays him his money but he pleads with them to give him little time but without hesitation in listening to any excuse of his, they beat him up mercilessly and shoots him and left him. In that same vein, Cristobel was also going to escort Aldonza to her house and they bump into these men saying all sorts of strange words but Cristobal just stirred at them and passed. Upon Cristobal’s return after taking Aldonza home, he sees Abelardo in a pool of blood shouting for help and quickly he goes there to give a helping hand to him and he calls the police to inform them to come with an ambulance but unfortunately before the police could arrive, Abelardo give up the ghost. The police then interrogate Cristobal all he knows about the issue and they take Abelardo’s body to the police station together with a gun they found at the scene.
Lola goes home to pack her things to go stay with Aldonza and her grandparents try to beg her to stay but she is too much hurt to the extent that she prefers to stay away from them to think things over and calm herself down.
Renato tells his father that he will continue to wait for and because he certainly know that though she and Cristobal are married but he still have chance to be with her because their marriage faces lots of challenges from Cristobal’s family and with this their marriage can collapse at any time and that time he will take the opportunity to also marry the love of his life but his father sees it as real madness and he rather advises him to stop saying nonsense and find himself another woman.
Adriana seeing the danger ahead of them, he and his gambling team meet at the bar which is their usual base for gambling and they come into a conclusion that they have to leave the town to seek refuge in a different place so that no one suspects them. After each of them departs, Adriana calls Severiano and surprisingly, he informs him that, they are done with the job as he ordered them to do but the unfortunate thing is that they couldn’t dispose of Abelardo’s body as he asks of them because people were just passing by within every minute and also the corps arrive to take him away. Severiano becomes so furious and insults Adriano for being so incompetent and warn him not to mention his name in case the police arrest him. Adriano arrives home and surprisingly he is the boyfriend of Flabia upon all her feeling of insecurity on her husband Joaquin.
The police go to inform Abelardo’s family about the death of their son and it really comes as a blow to them. Uriel then goes with the police to see Abelardo’s corpse at the public ministry.
Aldonza after learning from Cristobal that Abelardo is dead, she calls Renato to let sleeping dogs lie which is to let go off any investigations he is doing concerning Abelardo burning down her apartment because his family are already going through a lot to be bothered again with so many problems after losing their son.
Cristobal also calls Valeria to inform her about the incidence and she becomes very worried and she also informs her family about it.
Cristobal goes home and his mother grows so worried seeing all the blood stains in his jacket and after asking he discloses to her the death of Abelardo.
The police after thorough investigation on the gun found at the scene where Abelardo met his death, they discover that, the initials on the gun are SM representing Severiano Mendoza.

Stay tuned to La sombre de la Pasado (shadows of the past) on UTV from Fridays - Sundays 8pm.

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