Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 20th December 2015

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 20th December 2015

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Severiano keeps enjoying all the moment with his partner and their new found lovers and whiles he continues to satisfy his feelings, candela continues calling but he still refuses to pick the calls so candela calls diverted the call to Severiano’s hotel room and unluckily for her, in that same vein Alvatrie has also arrive in the room so she quickly receives it and introduces herself to candela as Simoneta Alvatrie and candela becomes nervous wondering what she may be doing in husbands hotel room. Alvatrie then questions her rather to enquire that from her husband why she is in his hotel room. Candela angrily leaves her a massage that she should inform Severiano to call her as soon as possible and suddenly hanged up the telephone.
Everybody gathers at the church and father Jeronimo says the last mass for Abelardo’s corpse and while the coffin is being taken to the cemetery, Dominga and Melesio tries talking to Lola but she pretends not to have heard them and Adelina shouts at Lola to stop the nonsense and talk to her grandparents and just within a twinkle of an eye, the police arrives to arrest Cristobal as a suspect in Abelardo’s death and this was following the call Valeria made to them concerning the differences Cristobal had with Abelardo. Though Melesio, Emmanuel, Aldonza and the others around tries to defend Cristobal but it was to no avail and the handcuffed him to the Public ministry.
Dominga and Melesio hurried home to inform candela about the situation and she in great pain enters Severiano’s office to look for his lawyer’s number and there by getting closer to the drawer she discovers that it is broken and she quickly remembered that perhaps that is how come the gun went out since Abelardo was the last person she encountered there.
Aldonza informs Renato about Cristobal’s arrest and he quickly goes over to the public ministry to serve as his lawyer and in that same vein the police keep on interrogating Cristobal but he tells them he knows nothing about the situation but they tell him that for finding his father’s gun at the scene is much of a coincidence so he is going to be detained till things are cleared up.
The police agent meets with Uriel and his family to inform them that Cristobal has been arrested as a suspect in Abelardo’s death so they only wants to know if it is indeed true that Cristobal ones had a fight with Abelardo and they conclude that the two of them had their differences though but they are not sure yet of anything since they never witnessed Cristobal beating their son and seriously Uriel gets aggressive and walks away to the police station to cause commotion there and the police asks him to leave.
Valeria discloses to her mum about calling the police to arrest Cristobal because he wants him to rot in jail if he has chosen not to be with her rather with that Aldonza. Her mum thinks that her act was a stupid idea because if Cristobal or any of his relatives should find out, none of them will allow her to marry Cristobal.
Adelina advises Lola to stop fooling herself and stop being mean to her grandparents because they really do adore her therefore she has no right to take away their reason for living and it is hard time she forgives them because the only problem one cannot solve is death.
Candela goes to the police station and as usual tries to pose herself as the great wife of Severiano Mendoza and to cause a scandal demanding that they release Cristobal to her but father Jeronimo takes her outside to calm her down and to explain things about the situation to her better. Whiles they keep talking, candela tells Jeronimo that, what worries her is that, Severiano is not even picking up his calls so she can even inform him about anything and if feeling so depressed she continues talking and through her speech in an impulsive way reveals that, if Severiano even comes over and is able to help their son out she is willing to forgive him for all his wrongs and even with that son he had with Roberta. Jeronimo then questions her if she is trying to say that Severiano rather had a male child with Roberta and not a girl as they made them to believe and nervousness set in and she tries changing her sayings but Jeronimo rather took her impulsive words and now believed that, Severiano and candela has fooled them all this while.
Emma tries to calm her husband down so not to make any attack Cristobal or anyone for killing their son because Abelardo also had many problems with people and though it does really hurt but they are not to make a saint out of Abelardo only because he’s dead but rather to admit that he was a young and very troublesome person so they must allow the police to do the investigation.
Renato proposes to the police to investigate Severiano because he might have knowledge about the death of Abelardo but the police find it so weird since Severiano was not even in Santa Lucia when the incidence took place but Renato still stressed that they investigate Severiano. Immediately Renato left the office, Uriel also arrives and suggests also to the police that they investigate Severiano because he might know the cause of his son’s death and since it confirms Renato’s proposal, the police officer grows a bit suspicious.
Aldonza is allowed to speak with Cristobal through the help of Renato and she gives her necklace to Cristobal and asks him to wear for double protection and Cristobal assures her that they will certainly get through their problems and Aldonza tells him to always remember she loves him.

Catch Shadows of the Past (La sombre de la Pasado) on UTV tonight 8pm.

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