Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 26th December 2015

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 26th December 2015

Post by nyz on Sat Dec 26, 2015 3:47 pm

Shadows of the Past (La sombre de la Pasado) 26th December 2015 episode on UTV tonight

Severiano angrily confronts Alvatrie and he beats her up mercilessly for lying to him about her background and also about her daughter and Alvatrie tries to justify herself but Severiano gave her no opportunity considering his anger. He then pushed her out of the house and without allowing her to pick just even a dress, he asks her to leave to wherever she came from.
Adelina accepts that Joaquin can do business with Aldonza as a business partner and Joaquin grows so happy about the idea since his wife has now left him.
Prudencia pays a visit to Thomas at their house and whiles they do the usual thing by caressing and kissing each other, Thomas’ mother enters to distract them and she ask Prudencia if she can be allowed to join their bible study group from that day going and Prudencia in all her nervousness, had no choice than to accept so that there will be no suspicions from Thomas’ mother.
Valeria discloses to her mother that she is pregnant with Abelardo’s child and Prudencia becomes speechless and shocked and she starts to scold her for being so careless. Valeria then tells her mum that she doesn’t want the child to be born therefore she is counting on her mother to help her.
Adriano insists that Flabia calls Joaquin to ask him for money since they do not have any more money to look after themselves but Flabia tells him she is never going to do that since she doesn’t want Joaquin to know that she is with him (Adriano) but Adriano tells her that he can’t wait to see them starved to death because he really wants to give her and her child a good life which is why they need the money to survive.
Severiano tells candela that he’s broken up with Alvatrie and candela sighs and says that though he’s broken up with his mistress but it won’t take much time for him to find a different lover for himself and Severiano tells her that so far as he is not given what he wants from his wife then that is exactly what he will continue to do by finding someone to warm his bed always.
Father pays a visit to Cristobal and he asks him if he ever thought before marrying Aldonza that, his parents could ostracize him and Cristobal answers him that he actually thought about it but the fact is that he is prepared to face all the consequences to defend Aldonza’s love because he truly love her with all of his heart and even if the world falls apart no one can separate them.
Rogelio tells Severiano that, the court refused the petition to invalidate Aldonza’s lease contract though Humberto wasn’t in agreement the judge pronounced the contract effective that Aldonza stays on the land until the lease expires. Severiano then agrees to remove all his animals from el-Santuario to intentionally prove to the authorities in Santa Lucia community that the Mendoza’s family is law abiding citizen but he promises to pay Aldonza in her own coin.
Alvatrie in her agony after Severiano threw her out of the house, goes to Madam Emma’s shop to say goodbye to Lola and tells her that she is never going to bother her again because she is leaving and Lola would not even listen to her. after she left, madam Emma asks Lola not to be too rude to Alvatrie but forgive her because no matter what she is still her mother.
Aldonza goes to see Cristobal but she wouldn’t be allowed and she continues to insist but it is also to no avail and right that minute candela arrives and also insists that they allow her to see her son but the authorities will not and seeing Aldonza, she tries raining insults on her for being the cause of Cristobal’s problems and Aldonza not being able to contain her insults slaps candela mercilessly and left the place. Candela then demands that the authorities ban Aldonza from seeing her son but the police makes it clear to her that she has no right to set rules for them.
Renato present the file to Severiano which suggests that he removes his animals from el-santuario and without making things difficult, Severiano accepts and asks Melesio to go remove all the animals. Renato was about leaving and Severiano tries to be sarcastic towards him and says that considering Aldonza’s predicament concerning her burnt apartment, he wishes to offer her money through Renato so he can help her out with the problem. Renato gets furious and questions Severiano not try insulting Aldonza and immediately Severiano tells Renato that he now believe how Aldonza handles both his son and him (Renato) will give up their lives to defend Aldonza since she handles them like her underwear. He then suggests to him that instead of sharing Aldonza with Cristobal, he would prefer that he takes her out of town and suddenly Renato tries attacking him but he pulls out his gun to threaten him.

CATCH tonight's episode of Shadows of the Past on UTV at 8pm.

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