Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 27th December 2015

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 27th December 2015

Post by nyz on Sun Dec 27, 2015 1:53 pm

Shadows of the Past (La sombre de la Pasado) 27th December 2015 episode on UTV tonight read what to expect


Renato present the file to Severiano which suggests that he removes his animals from el-Santuario and without making things difficult, Severiano accepts and asks Melesio to go remove all the animals. Renato was about leaving and Severiano tries to be sarcastic towards him and says that considering Aldonza’s predicament concerning her burnt apartment, he wishes to offer her money through Renato so he can help her out with the problem. Renato gets furious and questions Severiano not try insulting Aldonza and immediately Severiano tells Renato that he now believe how Aldonza handles both his son and him (Renato) will give up their lives to defend Aldonza since she handles them like her underwear. He then suggests to him that instead of sharing Aldonza with Cristobal, he would prefer that he takes her out of town and suddenly Renato tries attacking him but he pulls out his gun to threaten him. Renato then assures him that he is definitely going to make him pay for everything he’s done against Aldonza no matter what it takes him. Severiano tells him that he is going to have no proof to testify against him since Abelardo is dead and buried but Renato still assures him to wait for his end soon.
Aldonza suggests to Adelina that she wants to finally tell Cristobal about what his father did to her and Adelina thinks it’s a good idea because it is not good for couples to hide such a delicate matter from each other but he tells her that the main problem she is having is if even she is going to get the courage to do so.
Severiano intentionally goes to console Uriel at his house and he behaves like he really wanted the best for Abelardo.
Flabia following Adriano’s insisting to get money from Joaquin to cater for themselves, Flabia calls Joaquin to ask him to deposit money in her account so she can take care of Rai and threatens him that, he is not to mention any of their conversation the police if not he is never going to see their son again.
Aldonza pays a visit to Cristobal and she discloses to him about the slap she gave to his mother and asks him to forgive her for doing that but Cristobal asks her not to get worried because he knows what his mother is capable of doing when she gets angry and that is the least of his worries. But his first priority is for him to get out so they can have their church wedding and leave Santa Lucia.
Candela enters Cristobal’s room and whiles she begins to put things in other, Cristobal’s marriage ring falls down from his trousers and she takes it up and looking at it carefully, she detects that it’s a marriage ring and quickly she calls for Severiano and shown it to him and candela suggests that they do something to annul the marriage since she can’t see their son married to Roberta’s daughter.
Aldonza reveals their marriage certificate to Lola and she becomes very happy for her and she asks Aldonza to let her be her maid of honor during the church wedding and she accepts.
The police tells Severiano that after thorough investigations on the gun, everything seem that Cristobal never touched it therefore he’s been released from suspicion but he left a while ago.
Cristobal after being released, he goes straight to see Aldonza first and he tells Aldonza that now that he’s been released it is time for him to disclose to his parents about the civil marriage and Aldonza decides to go with him to do that since she is not afraid anymore and would therefore want them to face his parents together.
Severiano arrives home to tells candela about the release of Cristobal but it’s rather unfortunate that he preferred going to see Aldonza before coming home to see his parents and it makes him wish that Cristobal would have locked up in jail for a while to stop him from being with Aldonza. While they keep talking and taking a stroll on Las Animas ranch, Aldonza and Cristobal arrive and to tell them about their civil marriage and the upcoming church wedding. Candela then tells them that, it is impossible for them to get married because he and Aldonza might be brother and sister and suddenly anxiety filled their faces.

CATCH tonight's episode of Shadows of the Past on UTV at 8pm.

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