Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 2nd January 2015

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 2nd January 2015

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We are continuing with with La sombre de la Pasado (Shadows of the Past),

Emmanuel tries to calm Cristobal down to stop drinking to the maximum but no matter the effort he puts into advising him, Cristobal puts deaf ears to his advice and he continues to drink to the must stating that he can’t imagining and can’t accept the fact that Aldonza is his half-sister. Also he can’t be possible that he is going to forget about her and he cries all of his eyes out. All this while Mary also waits for Emmanuel so they can go out to spend time together but due to Cristobal’s condition, Emmanuel is not able to make it ad Mary gets hurt and she begins to cry and Patricio coincides with her and then offered to take her out to cheer her up.
Silvia does everything possible to know where exactly Flabia will be withdrawing the cash and she gives the exact location to Joaquin and he asks him to go and talk with Flabia so he can have his son and Joaquin becomes so happy.
Renato receives the news about Aldonza and Cristobal being siblings and therefore Aldonza is requesting for a divorce and Renato quickly goes to tell Silvia about it and she grows so hurt inside since she also feels something for Renato. So Silvia asks him about the DNA test and Renato tells her that it is not going to be easy since Severiano is not willing to do the test. Silvia then enquires from Renato if he told Aldonza that she and Cristobal can do the test without having to get Severiano’s blood before and everything seems that Renato never told Aldonza about it thinking how the outcome of the test may be since he is actually waiting for them to get separated so he can marry Aldonza too. Silvia then becomes angry at Renato for not telling Aldonza the truth just because he wants them to break up and it generates into a huge argument between the two of them.
To be able to hide Valeria’s pregnancy from her father, Prudencia and Valeria decides to travel to a far place. Humberto tries to ask them to stay a while before leaving but they rather go since Prudencia thinks that every predicament Valeria is going through was caused by Aldonza and for Valeria to overcome it she has to leave town to keep away from seeing Aldonza. Humberto then corrects Prudencia not to blame Aldonza for anything but rather Cristobal since he was the one who broke up his engagement with Valeria.
Emmanuel seeing how Cristobal continues to take in alcohol to the maximum, he decides to take him home and on their way, they bump into Valeria right beside the street and she offers to take Cristobal home to his parents and whiles Emmanuel tries getting into the car to give a helping hand, Valeria refuses and said she is going to take him home by herself. Trickily enough, she rather took Cristobal to her house instead.
Aldonza feels like dying due to the circumstances surrounding her marriage and father Jeronimo tries calming her down to understand that candela and Severiano just said that to separate them because they are not siblings but Aldonza looks so desperate that nothing could make her calm.
Severiano and candela becomes so worried since Cristobal hasn’t returned yet since he went out in the morning but Severiano tells her not to get so worked up since Cristobal is only with Aldonza and nowhere else.
Lola comes home looking so happy since she went out to make selections of her maid of honor’s dress but after calling Aldonza to have a look at it she is only told by her that there is never going to be any wedding on Saturday since she and Cristobal are siblings but Lola also tries to convince Aldonza not to fall for their schemes because they only said that to separate them but Aldonza still fails to give heed.
Candela calls Father Jeronimo to ask about Cristobal and after he told her he has no idea the where about of him, he again seized the opportunity to tell her that no matter what she and her husband try to do there is no way they can separate the children with their evil intentions and he is telling them that he will surely reveal to the whole world how wicked the Mendoza family can be. Candela not being able to stand father Jeronimo’s scolding, just hanged the line on him.
Valeria takes Cristobal to her bedroom and then strip him naked and they both slept together in one bed till the next morning.

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