Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 3rd January 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 3rd January 2016

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Shadows of the Past - La sombre de la Pasado

Valeria takes Cristobal to her bedroom and then strip him naked and they both slept together in one bed till the next morning.
Severiano and candela still in search for Cristobal and they come to an agreement that he might be with Aldonza so Severiano goes to see Aldonza to enquire from her to give his son to him but upon reaching there he discovers through Aldonza that his son has never being there the whole day and Aldonza blames Severiano for causing all this trouble to Cristobal and he rather asks Aldonza not to put any blame on anybody because she has actually brought every misfortune upon his family and therefore curse the day he dated her mother. Adelina not being able to withstand the insults asks Severiano out of the house. Aldonza then becomes so disturbed and worried since she can’t stand to see anything bad happening to him.
Joaquin calls Flabia to let her know that he has deposited the money and therefore should allow him to see his son Rai as promised and unluckily for Joaquin he meets Flabia in the middle of the open kissing her boyfriend Adriano and he tells Flabia that he now can tell the reason why Flabia left him. In attempt to take Rai with him forcibly, he ends up in a fight with Adriano and the police come to separate them.
Cristobal wakes up and discovers that he lay just right besides Valeria in his nakedness and he begins to wonder how it happened since he was with Emmanuel at the bar drinking but Valeria lies to him that she found him on the street and she decided to take him home but he preferred to spent the night with her and even went to the extent of begging her to stay with him since he needed her badly, so she offered to accept his request and they slept together. Cristobal finds it so weird about the whole thing and Valeria tries to take advantage about the situation but Cristobal says sorry to her and decides to go out of their house and Humberto grows furious for seeing him come out of Valeria’s room because to him Cristobal is only playing with his daughters feelings. So he attacks him and throw him out of his house and he goes to scold Valeria for cheaping herself so much before Cristobal but Valeria and her mother Prudencia care so less about the situation knowing what they are actually up to.
Humberto confronts Severiano and candela to disclose to them that, Cristobal slept in his house with Valeria and therefore since he does not want any hurt in heart feelings, he is requesting that Cristobal gets married to Valeria as soon as possible. Whiles they continue to jubilate after hearing about their son sleeping with Valeria and stating that they are going to speak with Cristobal about the marriage as soon as he arrive home to, Cristobal enters and says he takes full responsibility for everything Humberto has said but the point is he is already a married man and therefore before anything can push through unless he divorces Aldonza and it comes as a shock to Humberto since he knew nothing about it because his parents says they are siblings.
Cristobal not understanding everything that happened between him and Valeria and how he even ended up with her, he goes to speak with Emmanuel to explain things to him and after everything explanation, Emmanuel then realized that Valeria tricked them so she can get Cristobal again and she won it perfectly well.
Emmanuel after he and Cristobal had departed, he goes straight to visit Aldonza and family and meeting Lola at the entrance, their conversation leads them to the extent of bringing up Cristobal’s incidence with Valeria but unluckily for Emmanuel, Aldonza overhears them whiles she comes out of the house to take fresh air outside and she blows into deep pain and Emmanuel tries covering up for Cristobal but Aldonza asks him not to do so because she brought the idea that Cristobal can go back to Valeria but she never thought it could be too soon.
Lola goes to check on Cristobal and whiles speaking with Dominga, one of the workers run in to inform Dominga that, Melesio has collapsed and quickly Dominga and Lola rush to attend to him but upon Melesio seeing Lola, he angrily asks her to go away and not pretend she cares about him not after snubbing them in public when they tried speaking to her at Abelardo’s funeral and Lola in deep pain had no choice than to leave and Dominga thinks that was too harsh from Melesio towards Lola.
Candela tries to use Cristobal’s sleeping with Valeria to blackmail him as being still in love with her but Cristobal corrects his mum that if it sleeping with Valeria that shows how much love he has for her, then he would have married Valeria for a long time but candela never see to reason but still insists that Cristobal seizes the opportunity and marry her but Cristobal still stand on his grounds as husband to Aldonza. Cristobal then makes a proposal to her mother to convince his father to accept to undergo the DNA test with Aldonza because if it turns out positive that Aldonza is his sister then he will marry Valeria but if not the vice versa.
Father Jeronimo goes to see Severiano to ask him to undergo a DNA test to prove that Aldonza is his son indeed and luckily for him he meets Humberto and candela together with Severiano so he then thanked his stars for seeing the three of them since they have many secrets in common. After letting Severiano know about the DNA test for Aldonza, he again mentioned that the test will be done in two way one for Emmanuel and the other for Aldonza because he is also sure that, Emmanuel can also be his son and the child who he had with Roberta and nervousness set in.

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