The UNFORGIVABLE what to expect on UTV on Monday 4th January 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE what to expect on UTV on Monday 4th January 2016

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The Unforgivable Lo Imperdonable 2016 Edition

Veronica becomes so dizzy due to the blood transfusion and when she woke up from her dizziness, she discovers Claudia sitting beside their bed and caressing martin’s feet and veronica enquires from her about what she is doing in their room. Claudia answers her that she only came on behalf of veronica’s family so she can give any help to martin to recover. Veronica then tells her if that is so there is no need for her to touch her husband that way and Claudia tells her that it is not what she thinks because she was only trying to massage martin’s feet and nothing else. Claudia not having a bit of shame goes ahead to ask veronica if she needs any help and veronica tells her to go to the church to assist the miners to recover if actually she came there purposely to render support to them and reluctantly she agrees and left.
Botel finds a personal psychological doctor for Magdalene so he can help her overcome the trauma she is going through for the sake of her lost daughter and the doctor does it perfectly well by letting her spill out how it all happened and though it was tough for Magdalene, she was able to say every bit of the matter and according to her, she is now able to face her fears.
Joaquin goes to report the issue about Manuel causing another signage leakage to Crescencio and he becomes so annoyed with his grandson and sacks him from the mine.
Matilde goes to check on Virginia and she becomes hurt for Matilde calling her Virginia and she warns her not to call her by her name but should try adding miss to her name anytime she is calling for her and Matilde finds it so strange but she had no choice than to agree to the fact.
Martin dreams that, he walks through the forest and after seeing veronica and embracing her, she tells him that she had nothing to do with Demetrio’s death and all of a sudden, Demetrio comes from nowhere to remind him to get rid of the woman who hurt him because he has to keep his promise to him. Martin then in the dream becomes so confused and staged between veronica and Demetrio not knowing which of them to choose but he says to himself that he wants to hate veronica and veronica could sense that he is having a nightmare so she quickly enters the room to calm him down.
Mariana goes to see Virginia to tells her that she misses pablo to the must but she thinks that pablo doesn’t feels same about her and Virginia asks her to forget about him if she thinks he’s not being calling her because it seems that pablo has gotten himself a woman at mina Escondida but Mariana thinks that pablo is incapable of doing something like that against her so Virginia saved her breath and asks her not to worry so much if she thinks pablo won’t hurt her.
Manuel goes to the church and to cause commotion there by trying to ask all the outsiders to leave because they are the cause of all their problems but his auntie calms him down not to make that attempt since they are only there to help solve their problems.
Veronica sees the fax letter from Claudia written to martin about her coming to mina Escondida to pay him a visit and she becomes so worried on why martin refused to let her know about Claudia’s visit. She then takes the letter to enquire from martin what actually is going on between him and Claudia which made him to hide the letter from her and this generate into great argument though martin tells veronica they are only friends but she tells him that he sees Claudia as his friend but Claudia defines their friendship as love. Whiles they argue, Nanciyaga brings martins dinner and she tells him that the doctor wants him to eat so that he will not lose so much blood again. He then enquires from Nanciyaga if he lost blood and she explained to him that veronica has to give him her blood to make him live again therefore he and veronica are now united by blood forever and martin becomes worried and he continuously asks veronica if her blood is within him and veronica begins to shed tears and she tells martin that she can perfectly tell with the written on his face that he is not pleased with the blood transfusion.
Claudia goes to the church and not knowing what to do seeing how sad and the pain the miners were going through, she tries to sing to heal the miners and everyone becomes so happy for her act except for Crescencio who only enters to scold her for disturbing and father Juan offers to accompany her to martin’s house.
Emiliano wishes that martin dies so he can have veronica to himself but his friend Nicholas tells him not to think so evil but should rather think about veronica’s happiness but martin still insists that he is forever going to think that way if only martin will die to leave veronica for him.
Pablo prays to thank God for bringing Ana Perla into his life and prays again that God will let them be together.
Claudia tries to explain things to martin about how Crescencio treated her in the church in front of everyone and martin starts to laugh at her and they both begin caressing each other and martin asks Claudia to go get rest and all this while veronica stood there watching them without their notice so she tells veronica in an a hurtful way that she can even sleep besides martin to make him feel that it is his wedding night because she can actually confirm that martin seems to behave towards her as if he was still with her during the times when they were still together. Claudia tries asking veronica not to try saying things of that sort and veronica then walks out on them to stand outside crying whiles she continues to listen to their conversation.
Martin tells Claudia he has to speak with veronica because though they argue sometimes but this time he can really tell how affected veronica has become by his actions. Claudia then asks martin if they are facing problems with their marriage but martin refuses to say nothing and Claudia pleads with him to tell her because she really love him so much.

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