Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 16th January 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 16th January 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),

Cristobal calls the DNA doctor Silvia gave his number to him ask him if he can have a DNA test done without any blood sample but just something pertaining to the Person can help solve the problem and whiles he begins making all of these enquires, Candela eavesdrops his call behind his door and she becomes nervous. Cristobal continues to explain to the DNA Specialist that he was able to cut some of his wife’s hair so that they can compare it with his to know whether there siblings or not and the specialist gave Cristobal a positive responds so he tells him that he is going to send the sample through a delivery service so they can do the test for her. Candela upon hearing that quickly meets Severiano right in front of Cristobal’s door to tell him about Cristobal’s call and therefore suggest to him that they are to do something to prevent their son from going out of the house since it’s going to ruin them.
To be able to do that, Severiano intentionally collapses and Candela screams for help just when was about leaving and he had no choice than to put the sample down to check on his father and help him to his room to get his car ready to take his father to hospital. In that same vein candela rush into Cristobal’s room and after several search she discovers the sample and immediately she takes it to replace it with that of Severiano’s hair and he returns to put it at where she took it.
After getting the car ready, and asking him to go with him to the hospital, knowing exactly that their mission has been accomplished, Severiano tells Cristobal that he is alright and Candela makes it really convincing to the extent that, she calls Humberto before everyone and he speaks with Severiano on his condition. So after everything calm down, Cristobal return to cut his hair and put it in a different envelope without taking a look at Aldonza’s sample again and together he writes their names on it and took it to the delivery service.
Joaquin and Rai visit Renato and Silvia to discuss on personal matters and whiles they excuse them to take a leave, Silvia offers Rai the candy house stating without consulting Renato so after they left, Renato grows angry at her for not discussing with him she will be giving the candy box out since they both won it at the raffle.
Prudencia goes to see Thomas and she tells him that, she really wants him to make love to her but she would love it to be in a special way by spending time together in a different town without any suspicion so after she left, Thomas parents arrive home and he intentionally tells them that he would love to continue his schooling at Sanmegel to learn more about his career on mechanical engineering and without asking any question they agree. In that same vein, Prudencia also goes to speak with her husband that she wants them to separate for while due to the many issues arising between them therefore she would lie to go for a spiritual retreat at Sanmegel for some days and though it sounded very odd to Humberto to put her with many questions but after few explanation from her, he agrees to let her go. They both go home and he blows the news to Valeria that she can’t marry Cristobal because he is already married to Aldonza and Valeria and her mum become desperate seeking for explanation from Humberto.
Alvatrie sees Flabia and Adriano again at a restaurant and after seeing that he’s left her to place order for them, she gets up from her seat to warn Flabia to leave Adriano go back to her son if not she is going pay a high price for abandoning her own child. Flabia begins to wonder how she got to know that she has a son and Alvatrie tells her because she overheard her tell Adriano. She again asks Alvatrie who she is to warn her, and Alvatrie’s answer was that, she is a woman who already made that mistake before and Flabia grows so worried.
Adelina goes to see father Jeronimo to ask him about his investigation concerning Emmanuel being Aldonza’s sister and due to the guilt he still feels within him for attacking Severiano on the issues under a secret confession, he gets angry with Adelina and tells her that if she feels like wanting to know something she should do it herself and not involve him again because he is tired of trying to find the truth and his behavior comes as a shock to her because that is not the Jeronimo she knows.
Emmanuel goes to speak with Severiano to let him buy Solitario Lonely but Severiano laughs at him and he tells him that he would kill the horse than to give it to him. Therefore he calls his two workers and he asks them in front of Emmanuel that they kill Solitario that night and Emmanuel pleads with him but it was to no avail.
Father Jeronimo during a mass service, everyone goes for communion and seeing how candela has been able to stand behind her husband to execute many evil, he refused to give candela her communion during her turn in front of the whole congregation stating that she is not fit to dine with the Lord and candela tells him that he can’t deny him of communion but father Jeronimo challenged her that he can and therefore he left her standing to put the communion down and candela feeling so ashamed, nervous and angry, she walks quickly out of the church to wait for father Jeronimo in his office and after he entered, candela confronts him on why he refused her the communion and he tells her that it is because he has now realized that she is actually the accomplice of her husband. This generates into great argument and not being able to control herself, she slaps father Jeronimo and looking so furious, he asks her to leave his office.
Valeria goes to ask candela about how the DNA test is going to prove that they (Aldonza and Cristobal) are indeed siblings and candela tells him how she went about faking everything so that Cristobal will have a positive test results after the DNA test so they can let their son get married to Valeria and valeria becomes happy. Whiles she excuses candela to go home, she meets Cristobal at the entrance and she pretentiously in an angry manner confronts him on how he could have made her to trust him once again when he knows he is married to Aldonza and then had the nerve to spend the night with him too.

Stay tuned to tonight's episode of La sombre de la Pasado (shadows of the past) on UTV at 8:00pm

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