Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 17th January 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 17th January 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Valeria goes to ask candela about how the DNA test is going to prove that they (Aldonza and Cristobal) are indeed siblings and candela tells him how she went about faking everything so that Cristobal will have a positive test results after the DNA test so they can let their son get married to Valeria and Valeria becomes happy. Whiles she excuses candela to go home, she meets Cristobal at the entrance and she pretentiously in an angry manner confronts him on how he could have made her to trust him once again when he knows he is married to Aldonza and then had the nerve to spend the night with him too and Cristobal asks her to forgive her but she intentionally knowing that she is pregnant and wishes to push it to Cristobal, she tells him that she only prays that no consequences arise in their love making if not he would have to bear the consequences.
Emmanuel knowing what Severiano is capable of doing, he and Joaquin during the night mask their faces and go straight to Las Animas just at the point of when the workers were about shooting it down to death as ordered by Severiano and they attack them both from behind and hit them to comma and then just when they were about unleashing the horse to take it away, Melesio arrives with a gun to ask them to unmask and he becomes very disappointed after seeing the two of them planning to steal the horse but after Emmanuel explained things to him, he becomes a little bit convince he still didn’t want Emmanuel to do and warn him that if he walks away with the horse he’s going to shoot him but Emmanuel forgo his words and challenged him that he can shoot him for all he care because he is only trying to save the horse’s life but he had no choice than to watch them go with the horse and they took the horse to hide it at Aldonza’s stable and though it became a threat for Adelina, after Emmanuel’s explanation to them, Aldonza agrees that Emmanuel from that day can stays so as the horse so he can take care of it and it comes as a good news to Lola.
Melesio then intentionally gave a warning shot and screams like someone more powerful has stolen the horse from under his nose and he quickly goes to wake the workers up to enquire if they saw the person who stole the horse and after they told him that they never saw their face since they were attack from behind, Melesio grew happy since there will be nothing for them to tell Severiano. Immediately since Severiano and Cristobal heard of the gunshot, they rush there to ask Melesio but he tells him that he never saw them because he only arrive late and only saw them from afar taking the horse away. Cristobal then ask them to report to the authorities but suddenly Severiano detects that they go with their horses straight to Aldonza’s house since he knows that Emmanuel is the culprit who stole the horse and no one else. They then go to Aldonza’s house to ask Emmanuel to bring out the horse but Aldonza comes out to defend Emmanuel that they have no horse but it rises up great argument Severiano begins insulting Aldonza but Cristobal not being able to contain it just ask his father to make them leave because he can see that they have no horse with them but Severiano pledges on coming back for the horse.
Joaquin advices Emmanuel to be very careful because if Severiano finds out that he has his horse, he’s going to be in danger therefore he can speak to Cristobal about the situation so that he can help him to get the document of the horse.
Adelina meets Joaquin and Rai at the public space and after a little chat, Joaquin offers to give her a ride home and he again stress on the fact that Adelina gives him a chance so they can be together. Joaquin then kissed Adelina and she replied the kiss and upon entering home, Adelina begins to smile and Aldonza asks her why she looks so happy and she blows the news to her that Joaquin proposed to her and sealed it with a kiss and to be frank that is the kiss she has ever had in her whole life. Aldonza then became happy for her in tears of joy and she tells Adelina that she really deserves a good man like Joaquin because she is a wonderful person.
Lola goes to pay his grandparents a visit and Cristobal asks her if Emmanuel stole the horse because he really wants to help Emmanuel and since Lola is the type who finds it actually difficult to keep a secret, she reveals to Cristobal upon several insisting from him and she again explain the circumstances that led Emmanuel into stealing the horse and Cristobal becomes dumbfounded as to why his father would kill a horse instead of selling it.
Joaquin meets with Emmanuel at the restaurant and he asks what he is going to do with the horse and Emmanuel answers him that he wishes to join a horse regional competition at Sanmegel and he is really sure he’s going to win because that is his dream.
The time arrive for Prudencia and Thomas to go on their trip to enjoy themselves at Sanmegel without being seen and they meet at the bus stop to go together . Their intimacy then begun right after they arrive and without having anyone to interrupt as they wanted. After enjoying their first love making, Prudencia tells Thomas she never knew that is the definition for love and love making because she has never felt like that ever in her life and it comes as a shock to Thomas.
Stay tuned to tonight episode of La sombre de la Pasado (shadows of the past) on UTV at 8:00 pm

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