Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 24th January 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 24th January 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),

Whiles Emmanuel console Aldonza at the church since she continues to cry for Cristobal that he never dies if not she will never know what will come off her, his mouth slips and he tells her that Cristobal is never going to die much less now that they are so close to discover that they are not siblings. Aldonza then enquires why he stated that and though finding it difficult; he reveals to her that he helped Cristobal to enter her bedroom to cut some of her hair to do the DNA test since she refused to do it willingly. Aldonza happily embraced him and says what he did made her happy but he is not to try it again because it’s sounds a bit risky and Aldonza also tells Emmanuel that he is also going to help her too sneak into Cristobal’s ward to see him since his parents are refusing. Immediately father Jeronimo entered to ask them to go with him for the blood donation.
Severiano gets so much furious at candela for telling father Jeronimo about Cristobal’s situation and he warns her not to allow that to happen again because Jeronimo has done nothing but to meddle in their issues and also since Cristobal is his son, he doesn’t want that man to get closer to him if not he will cause the greatest scandal at the hospital without caring what people will say. Candela then tells him that everything that is happening to them is a punishment from God but Severiano tells her that he doesn’t believe in her God least to think of her supposed divine justice.
Lola suggests to Adelina that she wanted to patch things up with Patricio though she is in love with Emmanuel but since Emmanuel is now engaged to Mary she would have to get another man in her life to forget about Emmanuel. Adelina advices her that is not the way to go about things concerning love since one does not uses another person to forget about a love of her life but rather she should wait till the right person come for her.
Thomas arrives home looking so drunk and he discovers that Prudencia is nowhere to be found and he goes all over the place to search for her but to no avail since Teres and her husband took her to the hospital. After return to the room, Prudencia calls him from behind and he becomes a bit shock and Prudencia asks her where he’s been and he lies so beautifully to her that she fell sick so he went out to get medicine for her and only to return to discover that she was not around and he became so much worried going up and down looking for her. Prudencia then disclosed to him about Teres and her husband taking her to the hospital since she came out looking for him too. They then continue with their enjoyment.
Melesio continues in his grieve for Cristobal and consistently blames himself for the act but Dominga being a good wife consoles him as usual.
After the surgery, Severiano and candela forces Humberto to allow them see Cristobal and after getting inside, none of them is able to hold back their tears since Cristobal is in comma and looks very helpless.
Father Jeronimo and Aldonza are now through with the donation and after coming out, he suggests to Aldonza that they can take some of the blood sample of Severiano and also her own so they can have the DNA test without anyone noticing but unfortunately whiles discussing that Humberto eavesdrops them from behind and quickly he draws closer to them to tell them they can’t take Severiano’s blood sample without letting him know since it is illegal and therefore will have to inform him. Father Jeronimo then asks him to help them get the blood sample since through him it will seem legal but Humberto refuses but Jeronimo threatens him that if he doesn’t he is going to spill out the kind of doctor he is as an accomplice of Severiano and Humberto grows so shocked that a priest will threaten someone but he tells him that he doesn’t care to lose his job if that will only bring out a the truth to clear doubts from the minds of people concerning his niece because he wouldn’t allow Severiano continue to create injustices. Humberto then agrees to keep his mouth shut but he tells him that, without Severiano’s authorization he still can’t do it. So Severiano tells Aldonza that since they will needing Severiano’s signature, he is going get one and falsify it for the DNA test to be done and Aldonza thinks it’s risky but he still insists on doing it.
Emmanuel helps Aldonza to sneak into Cristobal’s ward to check on him and she gives him all the encouragement and asks him not to die because if that happens she is also going to die. She then kisses him and says to him that in spite of everything they have been through she still loves him and left. Immediately she left, Cristobal comes out of comma and quickly his mother enters to check on him so he demands for Aldonza since he felt her presence all over him and candela tells him that she is the only one who has been there and not that tramp. Cristobal then falls asleep again and it hurts candela that her son refuses to take Aldonza’s thought from his mind.
Severiano arrives home and Melesio asks him about Cristobal’s health and he asks him to count his stars that Cristobal is out of danger and he (Cristobal) is also much in love with him (Melesio) because he is very useless and needed to be kicked out of the ranch. Melesio from there goes to ask all the workers to go to the hospital to donate blood for Cristobal so Lola arrives to go with them.
Alvatrie tries reaching out to Severiano but it does not go through and she feels seriously sick too due to the pregnancy. So she called through the house’s cell phone and Dominga picks to warn her not to call there again to cause any troubles but to have a bit of shame.
Severiano goes to see Cristobal and he tries to blame Melesio ones again but Cristobal asks him not to blame him because Melesio felt actually dizzy and fell but unfortunately in trying save him he hurt himself.
Lola sees Emmanuel bathing lonely Solitario and she pretends to be angry about the way Emmanuel spends the water on it whiles Emmanuel calls her to come out after he discovers that she hides to watch him do that. Lola comes out and suddenly their sentiment rises for each other after Emmanuel ponds Lola with the water and it leads them into kissing again and reflecting on their past memories and they both express to each other how they have missed each other.
Humberto checks on Cristobal’s pulse in his leg but it seems he feels nothing and Severiano goes after Humberto to ask what the hell is the meaning of that and Humberto tells him that it a sign that shows that, Cristobal’s artery didn’t fix well and it can lead him to lose his leg and Severiano becomes nervous.

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