The UNFORGIVABLE episode 41 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 27th January 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 41 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 27th January 2016

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Hello wonderful people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,

Just when Pablo and Manuel were about picking up a fight with each other, Father Juan arrives with Thomasina to separate them. Father then caution Pablo that he knows he is much in love with Ana Perla but violence is not the gate way to winning Ana’s love because with that he is only going to endanger Ana Perla. He again asks him to go to the church to pray and wait for him there whiles he talks to Manuel. Pablo leaves and father Juan takes the opportunity to advise Manuel to stop his bad act and be friends with Pablo to know him better and also to turn up a good live since his attitude has made everyone to hate him. Manuel replies Father Juan that, he doesn’t care about anyone since he is from a reach family as no one offers him nothing and therefore if they hate him he careless.
Virginia deliberately goes to speak with Claudia so to prevent her from winning Emiliano over, that she is now into a relationship with Emiliano and that is the reason why she saw the two of them in bed at that time but Claudia asks her she thinks t is too sudden since they never had any intimacy between them before and just within a twinkle of an eye she descends to pueblo Nuevo to say that they are now into relationship. She then discloses to her that, if she thinks that by making love with does not mean he’s just forgotten veronica since he caused a problem for veronica and martin by going to sleep with veronica on her marriage bed. But still Virginia still asks Claudia to be happy for her since she is her friend and outwardly Claudia seems to be happy but inwardly, she says to herself that, she wishes that she was the one in Emiliano’s bed at that time since she’s lost martin for good. All these while, Fernandez hides behind them eavesdropping their conversation and feeling hurt that Virginia has slept with Emiliano.
Julio love for Ana Perla continues to increase for Ana Perla that any bit of tear that drops from her eyes causes so much hurt in his heart. He speaks to her through the closed door of Ana Perla and he reveals to her how much he is in love with her but unfortunately for him, Ana misunderstands his love as a brotherly love and she also tells him that she truly love him also as a great brother she has never find in Manuel.
Jorge receives a fax message from veronica telling them about how she misses them and also how happy she is with her husband. She then tells them that Emiliano and Virginia are at mina Escondida but she advises them to make sure that Emiliano seizes to drink. Salma arrives to say that Virginia is going to take care of Emiliano and therefore shouldn’t worry. But Jorge says to her that he is actually going to put Emiliano at his place when he returns.
Fernandez confronts Virginia to ask what the hell she was doing in Emiliano’s room when Claudia bumps into them and Virginia tells him she did what she is supposed to do to win him over. She warn Virginia to be very careful because as she is doing everything possible for him to be closer to Claudia, he is never going to be thinking of her when he goes to bed with her (Claudia) as she always suggests and Virginia becomes very annoyed.
Manuel offers Claudia a gold ring after she sung at the canteen and while he talks to her, Dussage becomes jealous and he approaches Manuel to stop disturbing Claudia but she pleads with him to allow her speak with Manuel alone since he is not causing any harm to her and it comes as a blow to Dussage but he had no choice than to leave.
Nanciyiga’s statement keeps coming back to Virginia that “she is the bad woman of the other boss” therefore she decides to go speak with her to shut her up if not her secret will come out. So she confronts Nanciyaga to as the meaning of what she meant by that statement and after Nanciyaga discloses to her about her relationship with Demetrio and though she never saw them together but her inner instinct told her the truth immediately she set her eyes on her, Virginia challenges her to then shut her mouth if she has no prove of her relationship with Demetrio. She again tries to frame up an idea and she tells her that since she works for veronica she has asked her to say awful things against her but Nanciyaga quickly interrupts to say that veronica will never do such a thing and also she is not afraid of her and also will actually asks if truly her inner instinct is telling her the truth about her (Virginia).
Right from there, Virginia goes to also confronts veronica on why she wants Nanciyaga to destroy her name just because she never allowed her to fall in love with Emiliano. Veronica finds it so weird since she fails to understand what Virginia tries to say but she tells her that even with her great effort, Emiliano will never fall in love with her since she is not the right woman for him. Virginia then becomes angry hearing those statements from veronica and she begins to pick a fight with her but veronica tries driving her out of her house but Virginia slaps her and veronica beat her up mercilessly and suddenly martin arrives to separate them. Cunningly, Virginia begins to cry and she lies to martin that she only came over to visit veronica and she attacks her. Martin tends to believe the lies of Virginia than believing in the words of veronica so she decides to break up run off to break up with him since he fails to trust her one bit but he runs after her to settle their differences. Whiles they try kissing, martin backs off immediately Demetrio’s revenge strives on his mind again so he excuses her to go to bed and veronica becomes so hurt that martin fails to trust her and as they sleep on the bed she cries all of her eyes out.
Emilano asks Virginia not to misinterpret the sentiment that rose up between them because he always see her as his cousin and not someone she can love and Virginia though hurt she pretends that she is not a young girl that she wouldn’t recognize that she has made a mistake.
Father Juan pays a visit to martin and veronica and whiles veronica leaves them to make coffee for them, martin begins discloses to Father Juan that, he can’t stop loving veronica but he still doubts about her and he finds it difficult trusting veronica since the arrival of Emiliano though he told him that nothing happened between him and veronica but he can’t still get it out of his mind and also everything that happened with Demetrio and this makes him not to feel secured n their marriage and also is finding it difficult trusting her because he imagines her with different men and this makes him feel like a scorpion is eating him inside. In that same vein, veronica enters with the coffee without their notice and upon hearing the conversation, she becomes shocked at martin and the coffee unconsciously slips off her hands. She then questions martin that, it means everything he told her was just a lie and martin becomes speechless.

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