Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 7th February 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 7th February 2016

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Valeria gets jealous about the call and quickly comes out to meet candela and after explaining things to her, candela assures her not to worry because she is about telling Cristobal about something and that will make him forget about Aldonza forever. Candela then excuses Valeria to see Cristobal and she tells him that whiles he fights for his life on the hospital bed Aldonza and Renato were sharing kisses for everyone to see and comes as shock to Cristobal.
Cristobal upon hearing his mother saying all those things, he tells her that if that is even true after knowing how she always come up with things, he isn’t going to fall for her scheme again. Candela then challenges him to call Aldonza and after call Silvia on phone and ask her to testify but Cristobal refuses to do such a thing because he trusts Aldonza.
Emmanuel boozes to the maximum point considering all the happenings around him and after he goes to cause commotion in the night in front of Uriel’s house to yell loudly for Mary to demand why he is doing that to him when she knows perfectly well that, he never went with her to Sanmegel. In that same vein, Uriel and his family were awake listening to him. So, Uriel thinks that it is better he goes out to beat Emmanuel to shut him up but Madam Emma prevents him from doing anything to him so they call the police to inform them about the situation and they arrive to take Emmanuel away to the cell for causing a public disturbance.
Aldonza suggests to Adelina that, she wants to take the remains of her father and sister so she can cremate them and put their ashes into El-Santuario and suddenly Adelina’s heart just prick up since she will knows certainly her sister is not in the grave. She then tells Aldonza to let the death rest in peace but Aldonza sensing something fishy quickly asks Adelina why she always comes up with this excuse anytime and anxiety engulfs her. So, she intentionally covers her anxiousness with anger and tells Aldonza that she can do whatever pleases her with the remains of her father and she care less.
Silvia insist on not staying with Renato to do business again not after the way Renato treated her as a nonentity but Patricio tries to convince her to come back to the company and yet since Silvia’s mind is made up, no amount of convincing can change it but they still decide to meet for snacks.
Candela invites Lola surprisingly for coffee and to be able to protect the name of her husband from landing up in prison since Lola wishes to report the case of Alvatrie to the police. Lola actually becomes astonished but she still accepts and had a date with Candela and she (Candela) took the opportunity to convince Lola to forget about her mum because if she was able to abandon her during childhood, she is capable of doing it again and since Candela’s speech was a truly convincing one, Lola takes it in good fate to forget her mother.
Joaquin pays a visit to Emmanuel at the cells and he becomes very annoyed at Emmanuel for doing such a ridiculous act in the open to disrespect Mary. Emmanuel then tries to explain things to him but it seemed Joaquin believed Mary’s lies than Emmanuel’s sayings so, he gets annoyed with him and asks him (Joaquin) to leave him alone to rot in jail. He then took away the sandwich from Joaquin and the blanket.
Cristobal’s phone gets broken by a nurse and Valeria begins to scold her that she (nurse) is going to pay by asking her father to deduct it from her salary but Cristobal tells the nurse not to worry because it is only a phone and Cristobal had calm Valeria down to stop her scolding. Right after, candela enters and Valeria tells her everything and she decides to offer her phone to Cristobal and insists that she calls Aldonza to ask the truth about her affair between Renato but Cristobal still stands firm on the ground that he is never going to do that to please her because he is never going to forget Aldonza. Cristobal then asks his mum not to get valeria’s hope up by trying to force her on him because even if he is not going to be with Aldonza, he is never going to love Valeria one bit.
Humberto tries to advise her daughter Valeria to forget about Cristobal since he will never love her but she still insists that, he is the man of her dreams and she needs from her father is his support and nothing else.
Severiano’s dreams that Lola discovers her mother’s coffin at the bank of the river and after she opens it, Alvatrie comes out and straight away she moves to his bedroom to cut his amputated hands ones again with a matchet and lo and behold it manifested physically with blood oozing from his hands. He then begins to screams madly until he was surrounded by his entire household and they alert him it’s a dream but seeing the blood, physically, he was griped with fear which he only understands. Humberto arrives after getting a call from Dominga and Severiano pleads with him to help because everything feels real but he wasn’t able to tell Humberto the truth.
Still insists to Lola that she gives Emmanuel the opportunity to explain himself but her mind is still made up to give up on Emmanuel for good and also to forget about her mum as well.
Humberto and candela tries to help Cristobal to walk on his feet and gradually he is able to stand on it and he feels very happy as well as his mum. Candela goes after Humberto to ask if she can take Cristobal home and this is to prevent Aldonza from coming to see him and candela admits it but Humberto tells her permission is not granted since Cristobal still needs to be under supervision. But candela forcibly takes him home. But unfortunately Cristobal forgets his necklace and whiles Aldonza goes there to check on him at the hospital, she discovers it and picks it up after the nurse tells her that Cristobal has been taken to the house.
Aldonza goes to see Emmanuel but they prevent her from seeing him.
Adelina goes to speak with father Jeronimo to plead with Aldonza not to take out the remains of his father since the truth will come out but he suggests to her that the best thing for her to do is to let the truth out to Aldonza so that everything will subside if not there is nothing he can do knowing how difficult Aldonza can be sometimes when it comes to such issues but Adelina still resist to say nothing.
Cristobal lay in his bed after being taken home and he begins to contemplate on his mum’s words about the affair between Renato and Aldonza but he comes to a conclusion that it’s a mere nonsense to even think about it.
Adelina pays a visit to Joaquin and whiles they kiss, Flabia arrives to see them red handed and she claps for them for that special move which she has always suspected.

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