The UNFORGIVABLE episode 48 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 9th February 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 48 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 9th February 2016

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:02 am

Hello wondeful people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,

Martin pleads with veronica not to leave because he is going to tell her everything since Claudia has told her all but she wants to hear from him. She then asks why he could keep such a secret from her till now and martin gets furious at veronica and asking her to stop pretending that she doesn’t know Demetrio and though Veronica insists on not being with Demetrio, martin still insists that she admits it and stop pretending because he knows that they were lovers. Veronica tells him she can see actually that he’s now gone out of his mind by believing the lies people said to him concerning her but martin insists that she admits the truth and he swears on his brother’s grave that he will forgive her but since martin’s mind is already made up, there is nothing to believe from veronica. Veronica then finally decides that his acts are unforgivable.
Jorge suspects something fishy between Salma and Virginia as having a great bond and awfully, he questions Salma on why she is so much interested in Virginia as far as even forcing Emiliano to even be with her meanwhile the Virginia he knows is just nothing but an opportunist and this act always makes him feels that the two of them are hiding something from him but Salma gets too much offended about Jorge’s sayings and tells him that, it’s because veronica is the cause of everything happening to Emiliano.
Emiliano sees Fernandez and Virginia together and this time around he could suspect that there is something intimate about the two of them and Fernandez pretends in an angry way that, he tells Emiliano he is trying to limit him and telling him that his comment is putting down his professional ethics. Virginia then asks Emiliano to apologize to Fernandez but he sees no need of doing that because he never offended anyone.
Julio looking so disturbed after hearing the information about Crescencio giving his authorization to Pablo and Ana to date each other, he goes to ask Her himself and after Ana reveals the truth, he angrily and begins telling her that Pablo is never going to make her happy and love her, impulsively he finally, blows his love for Ana that she’s being the only woman he’s ever loved his whole life. Julio goes to sit somewhere to cry and Nanciyaga consoles him.
Considering everything that has been happening in Claudia’s life about fighting for impossibilities, she decides to give in to Dussage and begins a relationship with him and this comes as good news to him and they begin to start their intimacy right that minute.
Martin and veronica continues their argument and veronica tells him finally that she will be going to Mexico file for divorce but martin refuses to let her and begins begging her. In the heat of the argument, Manuel overhears them while passing by and since he saw that they were inside, he disconnects their light and martin lights up the lantern and whiles he takes veronica to the bedroom, Manuel intentionally deep his hands to pull down the lantern through the window and set fire on the house. He then blocks their door and since they still continue with their argument, they never realized until the fire has almost caught up with the clothing in the rooms and the wooden items he used to block the door.
Martin tries to take veronica out by covering themselves but unfortunately, veronica is hit down by one of the beams and she collapses and martin did the impossible to rescue his wife before the house exploded. The fire then drew the attention of the town and they all go there to support to rescue Mr. and Mrs. Santelmo from the fire and Nanciyaga thinks veronica has brought bad luck to martin but he shuts her up and says to himself that if anything happen to veronica, he wouldn’t forgive himself since it was his selfishness that led to that as he should have allowed her to go away.
Veronica is taking to Botel’s house to be taking care of by Fernandez and since she refuses to come out of her unconsciousness, martin becomes so much worried and after asking Fernandez about it, he tells him that, veronica’s possibility of coming out of comma is 50/50 since she might wake up or will die. Anxiety then draws on martin’s face

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