RDP Cracking

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RDP Cracking

Post by rzusinovsky on Sat Feb 15, 2014 5:51 pm

Today i'll tell you people how to crack Remote Desktop Protocol a.k.a RDP
Remote Desktop Connection is a technology that allows you to sit at a computer (sometimes called the client computer) and connect to a remote computer (sometimes called the host computer) in a different location. For example, you can connect to your work computer from your home computer and have access to all of your programs, files, and network resources as though you were in front of your computer at work. You can leave programs running at work and then, when you get home, you can see your work computer's desktop displayed on your home computer, with the same programs running.

So lets Start the Tut...
All u need 2 Softwares called DuBrute and Vnc_scanner to hack VPS.
you can download these tools from given link or can download by searching on google easly''''
for VNC_Scanner mediafire.com ?dka5g2wurcjaugv
& for Dubrute mediafire.com ?l5l416b99bd748c

1) Download both the files from the above link.

2) Extract both the files anywhere in ur pc.

3) Open Vnc_scanner folder

4) Open the exe file called vnc_scanner_gui.exe

NOTE :> here is a point which is never explained on any forum i ever seen ....the point is that this Vnc Scaner never gives u Dialup list or country Ip list Tongue
i saw users always asking 4 this problem so will explain its solution here....
first of all
5) Select any Country.

6) Click on Get Dial List
if u will get country Ip list then u will lucky enough otherwise as i said that this feature will not work u can get any country's Ip by
going on this site & search IP range for any country


see image http://postimage.org/image/6gw62kc57/

after getting ip list paste it in notpad & here u have to edit this list a bit ," -" is between ips are with extra sapce & vnc will not accept this list so replace " - " with "-" with simple - as explain in image

see iamge http://postimage.org/image/vlch3uvy7/


now paste that into vnc scaner's -i box & start scan as shown in snap

After that it will scan for VPS working ips as in figure Tongue

After Scan finished click on Start parser "this is an option in vnc_scanner as u can see in vnc scanner's pic.It will save good ips in new text file called IPs.txt in same folder where vnc_scanner placed .
Big Grin

Now u need to get the usernames and Passwords for Scanned ips.For that u have to use one of the hacking software called Dubrute.

1) Open Dubrute folder

2) Copy the IPs.txt file from vnc_scanner folder and paste in Dubrute folder

3) Open the DUBrute.exe as shown in snap...

4) Click on Generation as shown in snap...

1st click on File ip then select the text file called IPs.txt which u have already in ur vnc_scanner folder..

2nd u need to put a txt file for user names ....
put some user name like
in notepad & save it Tongue then select this txt file.

3rd u need a password txt file also ....u can also put some common passes is a notepad & save it as password list then select this password list as in figure's 3rd option...

Now press Start in ur Dubrute.

Let it brute the combinations.When a working VPS which match IP , Username and Pass , it would be saved in Dubrute folder File called good.txt
In this Image shows that I found 3 VPS which is working.
after getting working vps open "Remote Desktop Conection" in ur pc & enter the ip then it will ask for user & pass enter login detail .......u will be redirected to remote pc .

thats all 1 more thing may b ur AV detect these 2 cracking files a virus so ignore it....

Enjoy...... Very Happy lol!
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Re: RDP Cracking

Post by rzusinovsky on Mon Mar 03, 2014 2:33 pm

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Re: RDP Cracking

Post by vIm CaPo on Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:24 am

great job buddy...
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Re: RDP Cracking

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