Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 14th February 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 14th February 2016

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After Cristobal asks Aldonza if she and Renato kissed, Aldonza explains to her that it was rather Renato who stole a kiss from her and she didn’t even return his kiss because he is still the man she wants to be with. Cristobal then asks her angrily why she has to allow Renato to kiss her and no matter what Aldonza tells him, Cristobal seizes to understand a thing and even asks her if she already slept with Renato, and only starts to scolds her but Aldonza reminds him that, he is even the last person to even start to make accusations after spending a night with Valeria on his own free will and what is different from theirs is, Renato kissed her but they never kissed each other and s if he prefers to believe whatever lies someone has told him then that is his own cup of tea since she is never going to allow him trample upon her dignity as a woman. She then hanged up on Cristobal.
Lola tells Carmelo that she’s lost Emmanuel for good and she can feel within her spirit that he will not come back again to Santa Lucia but Carmelo urges her to calm down because he believes that love will surely bring Emmanuel back to her but still Lola doubts it.
Severiano warns Humberto not try playing smart with him to take el-Santuario just because the papers are in his name because if not he is going to have him to contend with. He again tells Humberto that, it is has job to take care of patients without asking for anything in return so there is no way he is going to fulfill that promise of giving him el-Santuario. Humberto then tells him that he is just a common worker who became selfish since he thought him to be that way but from now onwards he is never going to be afraid with his threats anymore since he is already fed up with it and also he’s being able to force him lots of times to be his accomplice but not anymore will he do such a thing again. Severiano then pushes Humberto out of his house and quickly, he goes to orders Valeria to leave without having to explain anything to candela and her whiles they sit to have a drink and it comes as a shock to candela.
Candela feeling that something is astake, she goes up to ask Severiano what he said to make Humberto so furious and after Severiano explains everything to her, she reminds him that he was the one who made that promise to Humberto whiles Cristobal was in great danger so he has to fulfill his words to him but still Severiano insists that, el-Santuario is the property from his grandfather to him so there is way he is just going to let it go. But candela asks him to allow it to go since that el-Santuario land has only caused them nothing but great troubles but Severiano still refuses.
Valeria whiles going home with her father, she asks her so many questions on why he looks so furious and after Humberto tells her, she begins to insult her father about why he even wants to claim that land which has only caused so many problems and also doesn’t even belongs to him so he shouldn’t be ungrateful to Severiano after helping him to gain a job in Santa Lucia because had it not being Severiano he would have being a nonentity. Humberto gets so furious and slapped her and quickly, she rushes home to go tell her mother but Humberto prevents her from entering stating that it is already very late to wake Prudencia up to bother her with such complains. What is so funny is that, if Humberto should have allowed Valeria to get inside, she would have caught Prudencia and Thomas right in bed.
Whiles sitting at the dinning, Uriel rises the issue of Emmanuel coming to his office but this time around he confused him by returning the cheque Mary gave her because all along he thought Emmanuel was an opportunist but this act has proven him wrong so he is therefore asking if indeed all that she (Mary) said about Emmanuel is true but as usual Mary covers her guilt with tears and begins to ask her father why he doesn’t trust her one bit and so as Madam Emma since she still continues to believe Mary’s lies and even gets annoyed with Uriel for doubting his own daughter and trusting that Emmanuel. So, Uriel had no choice than to plead for Mary’s forgiveness for doubting her.
Cristobal receives the results of the DNA Test and as it is, it proves positive meaning that he and Aldonza are siblings and he becomes very desperate and though very sad, he calls Aldonza to let her know about it and this comes as big blow to both parties since they continues to shed all the tears in the world and do not even wants any of their relatives closer to them.
The next morning, Valeria goes to speak to her mother about the issue of her father slapping her and unfortunately for her, she bumps into Thomas and her mother on her matrimonial bed and Valeria threatens to and tell her father but Prudencia also threatens her that if she dares do such a thing, she is also going to blow the news to everyone that, the baby she is carrying is Abelardo’s only for her to realized that she has disclosed the secret before Thomas and this silenced Valeria.
Cristobal finally calls his parents to inform them about the results and he asks them to rejoice since it has proven positive and he then asks them angrily to get out of his room to let him be.
Emmanuel gets himself into the competition and what is so great is that, both the audience and organizers especially Mr. Antonio really loves his display looking at the bond between him and his horse and he encourages Emmanuel to do more because he only sees the sky as his limit and Emmanuel becomes so happy and he tells his horse that they are certainly going to win the competition.
Severiano and candela goes on an agreement that they need to try to allow Cristobal what he plans to do since the DNA Test is out because with that, they will know which step to take so he won’t get involve with Aldonza but rather with Valeria.
Adelina goes to speak with father Jeronimo about the DNA Test results from Cristobal telling them that they are sibling which she knows it’s not even true. He then says to Adelina that the whole thing seems very fishy as he believes that Severiano and candela might have tempered with the results in any way but as to how they did it is the secret thing. Adelina then asks father Jeronimo that they both do something to help the two children out since they suffering.
Cristobal calls Renato to come over to his house and after he came, he discloses to him about the results of the DNA test and after that he asks Renato to be with Aldonza for him since he is the only one he thinks can offer her what he was not able to and all he also asks from him is to just make her sister happy and it comes as a shock to Renato. All these while, candela was eaves dropping their conversation and it made happy.

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