The UNFORGIVABLE episode 51 what to expect on UTV on Monday 15th February 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 51 what to expect on UTV on Monday 15th February 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Veronica asks father Juan about why he refused to tell her about Demetrio being martin’s brother and he tells her that he had wanted to tell her but martin said it under secret of confession and that prevented him from saying anything to her and veronica understood him since that could have made him broke the bleach of confidence and the oath of secrecy. Father Juan then asks her to calm down and forgive martin as he truly loves her very much because he actually suffered when he saw her in comma but veronica still insists on not giving him a second chance. Veronica then pleads with father Juan to call martin for her and he agrees.
Matilde engage in a conversation with Emiliano to know how well veronica is doing and after telling her about the atmosphere surrounding veronica, Matilde grows so worried and
Ana Perla and Blanca pays a visit to veronica and they encourage her to take things easy because martin truly loves her and so does she and they are the kind of couple that they look up to become since they make them believe truly that love exists but veronica couldn’t hold back his tears since he feels that all hope is lost.
Magdalene still insists on facing Clement no matter what it takes to be able to know the brain behind her daughter’s death so, the psychologist coaches her to feel bold and courageous and not to mix the love of her daughter with that of veronica’s so she can have full concentration on what she wishes to achieve. He suggests to her that she goes with Botel in case clement calls her to meet him but Magdalene refuses and her answer was that, she wants Botel to stay out of the plan since clement has threaten to hurt him I he dares to get involve and if Botel gets to know about it, he wouldn’t allow her to embark on her task.
Father Juan rush to the mining site to inform martin about veronica asking to see him and quickly martin goes to see her and upon reaching there, veronica thanked him a lot for saving her from the fire and wishes to pay him back all the debt she owes him but martin tells her she has nothing to pay because she also saved his life ones by donating blood. Veronica then tells him that as soon as she is able to walk and go back to Mexico, she is going to file for divorce and martin begins begging her but veronica’s mind is made up on the decision.
Emiliano tells Nicholas his friend that his experience with Nanciyaga has really made him change totally and she also helped him to bring out the real man that he was before thus the man who likes to carry out project and to face challenges. Nicholas then admits it as the truth because he has actually made him change a lot because he feels Emiliano is now at peace and feels happy for him. Emiliano then assures him that he is determined to be a change person without touching alcohol and wishes to write a book about the community.
Claudia’s break up with Dussage affects him to the extent that he extend his anger on Teo his worker at the hotel and Teo asks why he feels so absurd and he asks him if it is because of his eye brow and Dussage tells him to shape it a little so it will not scare guests away. Eeeeiiiii Dussage nkoaa ne ne broken heart!! Hahahahaha!! He then begged Teo to forgive him because he is not the cause of his bad lucks with women.
Virginia and Emiliano decides to put everything behind them and start to know each other better before getting into any form of relationship and Virginia promises him that in case after studying each other he feels that she can’t be the right woman for him, them she will pull back in good fate and Emiliano agrees to their friendship. After Emiliano left her, she says to herself that, she is never going to allow this opportunity pass her by because he has finally given in to her.
Montserrat continues to have her hopes up for her daughter Mariana and Pablo to be together and she tells Virginia that, she is going on shopping with Mariana so they can buy all of the things they will need for their wedding and it comes as a shock to Virginia.
Virginia calls Dussage to allow her speak with Daniel but unfortunately he wasn’t there so Dussage explains to her about the situation at hand concerning martin’s apartment caught on fire and how veronica also got injured and Virginia becomes very happy with situation as she even wished veronica dead. Dussage then pleads with her to give the information to her family and she agrees but after Hanging up, she says that, neither her uncle nor auntie and even Emiliano must know about it.
Martin tells everything Veronica said about the divorce to father juan and he tells him not to give up on her because veronica is only full of anger and martin blames himself for being the cause of everything as he’s actually a disappointment to veronica.
Martin visits Demetrio’s grave to tell him all the predicaments he’s going through and though feels very worried as to why veronica refuses to accept the fact that she was his lover but even with that he has forgiven and wishes that they begin their lives all over again since he truly loves her but veronica insists on divorcing him. Whiles he pours his heart out, Nanciyaga sees him from afar and she gets so worried about martin as he continue to shed tears and she walks to him and said she has to tell martin every truth to him.

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