Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 19th February 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 19th February 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),

Cristobal calls Renato to come over to his house and after he came, he discloses to him about the results of the DNA test and after that he asks Renato to be with Aldonza for him since he is the only one he thinks can offer her what he was not able to and all he also asks from him is to just make her sister happy and it comes as a shock to Renato hut all the he accepted it in good fate. Cristobal then asks him to also speed up the divorce process and gave him his word that he is never going to interfere. All these while, candela was eavesdropping their conversation and it made happy.
Candela after hearing the news, meets with Valeria to disclose to her and they both share all the happiness in the world together. Right after that, Valeria goes to warn Thomas to stay away from her mother but Thomas says to her that he is really in love with Prudencia and can’t let go her.
Aldonza refuses to get over her pain and she tells Renato that she feels like her heart is shuttered into pieces and Renato consoles her and advices her to move on in life. Aldonza then seized the opportunity to ask him to help her find Emmanuel since she doesn’t know where he’s gone to. In the same vein, Patricio also is able to convince Silvia to come back since Renato feels very remorseful for the way he treated her and so she agrees and decides to go work again with Renato since she now wants to forget about him and move on in life. So Patricio calls Renato to give him the good news about Silvia’s return and he grows much relieved.
Thomas’s mother arrange things in his bedroom and surprisingly sees a condom and his parents confronts him about who the hell he is going out with but he tries to deny it but his parents forced him to show them the registration papers technical course he went to Sanmegel to register and also to give them the school number so they can also call to verify if he indeed went there for registration. Thomas seeing how angry his parents looked, he just spill out the truth that he is going out with a woman but he can’t mention her name to them. His parents then state that they are really disappointed in him. His father then asks him to pack all of his things and leave the house because he’s made a fool out of them.
The horse competition is still ongoing and before one moves to the next level he/she has to pay an amount so one the organizers goes to ask Emmanuel to pay but unfortunately he had no money on her so he pleads with him to let him partake so that after he can pay of all his money but the organizer refused and disqualifies him and just when all hope goes lost, Mr. Antonio arrives to ask the organizer to allow Emmanuel partake because as from that time he is going to manage him and be responsible for all his payment. Emmanuel then jumps in joy and thanked Antonio for his good gesture towards him. Antonio again takes Emmanuel out for super and through that he gets to know everything about Emmanuel’s background but in all that, he encouraged him to be strong and think better for himself because he will certainly become a great person.
Thomas wanders around to find a place to rest his head after being disowned by his father and he goes to sleep on one of the bench in front of the parish till the next morning and whiles father Jeronimo comes out of the parish, he sees him and asks his reason but he tells him that he actually deserve more than being disowned only by his father because what he’s done is more sinful than anything else but father insists that he tells him the truth so he can beg his parents for him and he accepts that Thomas stay with him at the parish till he speaks with parents.
Severiano meets with Rogelio and he asks him to bring up an idea to destroy Humberto but Rogelio advice him to calm down since as of now there’s nothing they can do since the el-Santuario documents is in Humberto’s name. He then suggests to him that, if they can find any secret about Humberto then they can use it to blackmail him and with that he can take the documents from him but Severiano tells him that he has no secret now but will try to get one. Severiano again asks him to help him arrest Emmanuel for stealing his horse and since the horse’s name is in Cristobal’s name, he advises that they forge Cristobal’s signature to put Emmanuel in jail since Cristobal will not comply if he’s told to sign because he really loves Emmanuel.
Father Jeronimo calls candela to the parish and after she arrives, he suggests to her that, he wants to have reconciliation mass for both families (Mendoza and Alcocer) so that all of Santa Lucia will now know that the grudge between them is now settled since the children now know that they are half siblings. Candela and candela becomes confused with that idea.
The horse competition is over and unfortunately, Emmanuel’s name never appeared in all the positions and he becomes heartbroken including his funs.
Cristobal for the first time after knowing about the DNA Test goes to el-Santuario with help of Melesio to speak with Aldonza for the first time and upon seeing her, he addresses her as his sister and asks her to allow them speak and tears feels Aldonza’s eyes..

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