Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 21st February 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 21st February 2016

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The church becomes filled up with the people of Santa Lucia awaiting for the reconciliation of the Mendoza’s and Alcocer’s families. Father Jeronimo then allows Lulu to distribute some papers around to each and every one and whiles the distribution was ongoing, he announces that, Aldonza and Cristobal and not siblings scientifically through a blood sample DNA test he conducted and that all those rumors are nothing but lies. Severiano and candela then grows so furious and Valeria upon hearing that also collapses and Aldonza sees it as a dream come true but unfortunately, Cristobal never came there since in that same vein he has already board a bus to only God knows where.
Severiano furiously stand up to state that Father Jeronimo’s declaration insist true but father Jeronimo then showed to the church whiles they distribute copies of the DNA Test results he conducted secretly with severiano’s blood and that of Aldonza’s and can say fervently that, the two are not related an therefore can marry and it hard time the families of Cristobal accepts the truth and let it be. Severiano and candela then walk towards father to warn him that he will surely pay for it.
At the particular time, Humberto has been able to revive Valeria and together they all heard to Severiano’s ranch. They begin to talk about how father Jeronimo can be so deceptive to that extent but Humberto tells them not to be surprise since he no matter what the truth would certainly have come out. Candela decides to check if Cristobal is in his room but unfortunately she only meets a letter telling his family that, he’s left to a faraway place. Candela returns in tears and anxiety to give the message to them. Valeria then suggests that since Cristobal wasn’t around that could be a great advantage to him since no one will inform him as he never took his cell phone with him and they agree it’s a good idea except Humberto since he declares to them that he is on the side of common sense and it is hard time they accept the truth as no one can cover the sand with his one hand. Valeria and Prudencia still suggest also that Severiano should put Jeronimo in jail because he’s made a fool out of them and he agrees.
Father Jeronimo then explained things as to how he and Adelina and Dominga went about everything secretly since he never wanted anyone to fish something out. He again tells them that with that action it could lead him to jail for life but the best thing that has ever happened to him is telling the truth to the whole world and revealing the true nature of the Mendozas.
Cristobal after reaching Sanmegel, he goes to look for Emmanuel and he’s told by the organizers that, he just left the competition grounds with his manager and fortunately his friend became first in the completion and the was also the favorite of the audience and organizers and Cristobal’s face was written with great joy. Cristobal then goes to look for a hotel to spend his days there and he calls Dominga first to inform her that he is well and she is not to worry about him. Dominga quickly pleads with him to return since father Jeronimo’s DNA Test proves them as not siblings. After saying this, candela enters the kitchen and so Dominga couldn’t continue the explanation and since she also never wanted candela to know that she was speaking with Cristobal, she smartly change the formula of the conversation into a friendly one as trying to teach a friend a recipe for cooking but Cristobal quickly got the point that someone has entered and so he hanged up.
Melesio knowing about Cristobal’s travelling goes to inform Aldonza about it since that was the last wish of Cristobal before leaving to Sanmegel.
Severiano takes a plan B with valeria to come live with them in their house so she can be closer to Cristobal in his return and that she can also take advantage of the situation and valeria agrees and quickly she goes to pick her things to live with them without letting her parents know where she is leaving to. Her parents arrive home to detect that her things are not there and this ends up in huge argument as to which of the two have spoilt their child that extent.
Candela goes to congratulate Severiano for making that move for Valeria to get her closer to their son because she sees it as a perfect idea for Valeria to destroy the relationship between Cristobal and Aldonza.
Thomas congratulates father Jeronimo for challenging Severiano that far because as it is everyone fears to face the Mendozas.
Severiano calls Rogelio to help him put father Jeronimo in jail for forging his signature but Rogelio suggests to him not to try taking that step if not all the people of Santa Lucia will rise against him as they see Jeronimo as a true man of God and they are also much in love with him but Severiano still insists that he spares him all of those sermons and help in to send him to prison.
Renato after visiting Aldonza, she tells him about the Second DNA Test which proves her and Cristobal as not siblings and Renato becomes very disturbed since he thought things were about to work out between him and Aldonza. Straight away he goes to his house and upon reaching there, he overhears Silvia telling Patricio that she is ready to give up on Renato and focus ahead since she can see that nothing can come out of her fighting to win him because she sees that is where Renato’s happiness lies.
Aldonza begins to think about how and when she and Cristobal met and just within a second, Carmelo enters to inform her that someone is after her and to her surprise it was Cristobal who has return upon Dominga’s call to celebrate the rest of the explanation of Father Jeronimo’s show with her and Happiness becomes the order of the day and kisses be what!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Waaaaooo, what a great day for the two youngsters.

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