Hack Your Symbian Phone In 3mins(v3,v5,anna,belle) Now

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Hack Your Symbian Phone In 3mins(v3,v5,anna,belle) Now

Post by vIm CaPo on Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:51 pm

As we all kn0w we receive those annoying messages like
Expired certificate
Unable to install constrained by the certificate
You can get rid of it by hacking your CP (cell phone)

This is d day we hav been waitin for.
As we all know dat Hackin of cell phone is
not an eazy task now dat OPDA has
stopped issuein Cert. & Key d problem
of Hackin became complicated. I don't
need 2 Explain what is Hacking furtherly, & d

But Any
without Hacking is Useless.

Without wasting much of our time. Dis
method has been d Fastest & d
Simplest method of Hackin a
Symbian OS phonez. It has been
personally tested by me on d Followin
fonez: C5, E5,E71,E63,C6,E72,E75. It
took me 3minutes 2 Hack C5.

Let's Go!!!


After Downldin:

1-->>Use ur X-plore to Unpack Quarantine archieve to C\\drive, u should get
C\\tmquarantine \path.

2-->>Install Antivirus
3-->>Launch Antivirus, it might prompt u 2 Restart ur phone or keep usin it, jux press YES (Restart ur Phone)

4-->>Goto ur Antivirus again>>press Option>>scroll down 2 Quarantine List.
5-->>Click Option again, then choose RESTORE at all files i.e (Restore all d 3 or 4 files)

6-->>Close antivirus & Delete it from ur phone
7-->>Install RomPatcher+
8-->>Launch RomPatcher+ & Apply Patches.
9-->>Now Etract d suitable Installserver.exe from d Zip Archieve & PASTE it in path
C \\ sys \ bin

NOTE: pls, read d installserver.text B4 selectin urs Or make sure u kno ur ''phone OS''

10-->>Goto ur RomPatcher again>>click Option & Apply:

---Open4all for access to all folders
---Installserver for Installin any Unsigned App. (if Red crossed, navigate to installserverRP+
---Add to Auto at patches

11-->>After all dis, Switch off ur phone & On it back.

Congrat. Ur phone is Hacked successfully.  bounce  bounce  bounce 

U're free 2 Request 4 anytin concernin dis Tutorial.
vIm CaPo

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