Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 27th February 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 27th February 2016

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After Dominga mentioned to Severiano to also send her to prison since she is also father Jeronimo accomplice, Severiano and candela become so disappointed in her. she and Melesio then said to them that it is better they fire them if not they have already taking that decision of leaving because they can’t continue to stay in a house who enjoys the pleasure of putting a priest in prison. Severiano then quickly tells Dominga to thank her stars because he will not put her in jail but right at that moment, they should pack and leave the ranch. Right after Dominga and Melesio left, Severiano calls for Jacinto and put him in charge of Melesio’s job but before returning he tells Severiano that some of the workers are also complaining that they are no longer going to work for him because of putting father Jeronimo in jail. Severiano asks Jacinto to go tell them that they can leave for all he cares.
Mr. Antonio continues to support Emmanuel and he tells him that he’s gotten a trainer for him who is going to instruct him on how to ride the horse perfectly so he can go far with any competition that he is going to encounter I her career and Emmanuel grows pleased with that.
Cristobal questions her mother the where about of Melesio and Dominga and after telling him, he becomes furious about their decision to fire them for helping with truth and candela pleads with him not to be angry because they decided to resign themselves.
Lola and madam Emma at the shop and Melesio and Dominga arrives together with their luggages to inform them that they have been asked out of the ranch and Lola becomes so worried and together they decide to go check on father at the police station and after pouring out the situation, Aldonza accepts to allow them stay in their house.
Prudencia misses Thomas and she pays him a visit at the parish and after seeing him in the priesthood dress, she becomes disappointed and all of her feelings subside. She then excuses Thomas that she wishes to leave but he pleads with her not to because what he feels for her is not just sex but real love which he’s never felt for anyone. Prudencia then tries to intimidate him just because he now is into father Jeronimo who has caused great pain to her daughter but Thomas corrects her that father only said the truth and nothing else so she is not to feel angry towards him because Valeria knows how to solve her own problem. Prudencia then gets absurd with Thomas and tells her that she was so foolish to have fallen in love with just a son of mechanic like him and angrily she walks out on him and Thomas becomes hurt.
Candela goes out to buy chocolate from Madam Maga’s shop but unfortunately for her, she refuses to sell anything to her and says to her that, her shop now has a new policy of not selling anything to people who fancy the habit of putting a priest in jail for spilling out the truth and preventing the people of Santa Lucia from going for mass. After she left the shop and walking towards her car, the children of Santa Lucia spot her from afar and begins ponding her with tomatoes and quickly, she gets into the car and off to the house.
Upon reaching home, she goes to confront Severiano to hurry up and release father Jeronimo if not she is going to ask him out of the house since it belongs to her but Severiano still insists on pressing charges against him and candela says that then he is going to have a war against her.
Cristobal goes to see father Jeronimo and he says that he really feels ashamed about his parents but father tells him not to judge his parents no matter what they do because they are doing what they are supposed to since what he did was a crime. Cristobal then becomes shocked at him and says to him that he is going to be free so he marries them and baptize their children and father Jeronimo tells him that he hopes God is listening to him.
After Aldonza and the rest got to el-Santuario to help Dominga and Melesio to get settled, they thanked her a lot for helping them out and Dominga says to her that Cristobal is much fortunate to have great person like her. She again took the opportunity to tell Aldonza that, Valeria now stays in el-Santuario so she wishes to tell her first before hearing it from anyone else so her mind can be polluted against Cristobal. Aldonza discusses it with Adelina and she advices her not to get jealous but calm down since Cristobel only have eyes for her. Adelina then gives her back her ring which Aldonza gave to her to keep for her after their first DNA test.
Severiano and Rogelio goes to the police station to press charges against father Jeronimo and right that minute candela also calls her for several times but he refuses to pick. She then leaves a voice message on his phone that, if he dares press any charges against father Jeronimo then she still stand on her words on not allowing him to stay in her house again. Severiano received the message right the time he and Rogelio sits before the police and they demand from him if he is going press charge or not but after deliberating for a while on the voice message, he becomes speechless and wouldn’t know the answer to give whether to press charges or not.

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