Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 28th February 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 28th February 2016

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Severiano received the message right the time he and Rogelio sits before the police and they demand from him if he is going press charge or not but after deliberating for a while on the voice message, he becomes speechless and wouldn’t know the answer to give whether to press charges or not. Severiano then says in great anger to the police that he is not pressing any charges therefore they can free father Jeronimo but he is not going to let this issue lie low and off he walks out on them. Rogelio then goes after him to warn him to try threatening people in front of authorities like that but his advice meant nothing to Severiano.
Adriano tries forcing Flabia at the bus stop to go with him to Sanmegel in other to escape the police but she tries begging him to allow her to go back to her family but he still in insists. In the heat of the argument at the bus stop, the police arrive and suddenly he pulls out his gun cautioning them not to get closer. He then begins to fire as many guns as he wishes to escape from them but doing so the police also fires the gun at him and unfortunately he is brutally hurt and right the an ambulance is brought to take him to the hospital and on the other hand Flabia is taken to the police station to write her statement as to she was with him.
The absence of Dominga and Melesio seems to affect candela and Cristobal a lot but Valeria asks candela not to get worries since those two are just common employees and nothing else but candela corrects her that those are not as common as she sees it because they have become part of her since her childhood till date.
The whole of Santa Lucia gathers at the forecourt of the police station like they are having a demonstration to lie in wait for father Jeronimo to be released and after he came out, Aldonza quickly goes to embrace him and it comes as a shock to him to see that great number of people and they all begin hailing him, “we love, we love, father Jeronimo we love you” for several times. Father then thanked them for being there for him till this time. Aldonza then asks her how the police released and he tells her that he doesn’t know how but it seems Severiano didn’t make any accusations against him but he can sense that Severiano will not end things just like that and Aldonza says to him that, that it is because Severiano loves him which is why he allowed him to go but it still makes her happy that, he’s out of jail. all these while, Severiano and Rogelio stands at the building to watch the extra ordinary welcome by the community and he says to himself that, father Jeronimo’s happiness will not last long.
Severiano arrives home looking so angry and he picks on his workers and after he left, Jacinto tells Amundo that he is not happy working at the ranch again because these people were able to fire Melesio and Dominga who has been with them since childhood then they can do same to them anytime.
Mary intentionally goes to call Patricio out to have coffee with her and this is just to make Lola angry and jealous and then breaks up with Patricio too and fortunately Mary succeeds since Lola sees them at the canteen and becomes angry but never allowed them to see her and just walked away.
Emmanuel misses Humberto so much that whiles thinking about him, Humberto also was thinking about him and after Blankita his secretary asks Emmanuel’s where about, he sadly tells her that, he doesn’t even know where he is and that causes him more pain since Emmanuel was the only one who treated him with respect and as a father since his daughter and wife always sees him as a trash in the house. Blankita then asks him not to feel sad because everything will be well.
Joaquin is called by the police that his wife has been arrested and so he leaves quickly to inform Silvia and together, they both go there to bail her but Joaquin after Flabia is released, he tells her that he can’t take her to his house because after what she‘s done he’s broken up with her but will pay a several advance at a guest house for her she can be there and if there is anything he will support for the sake of being the mother of their child.
Dominga decides to go out to ask Dominga and Melesio back to the house but Severiano thinks she should have discussed that with him since she can’t do that without his consent but candela corrects him that, she has nothing to discuss with him since the house belongs to her and therefore she and Cristobal decided on that and also he (Severiano) came to meet those two people in the house and she actually love them very much more than him (Severiano) and she again returns to him to state again that she has never even loved him before koraaa. Hahahahahahahaaha. Severiano then becomes sad with that statement.
Rogelio goes to inform Severiano that Adriano has been arrested in Sanmegel and nervousness strikes on Severiano and he quickly asks Rogelio to make sure to get every information about Adriano’s condition and to see to it that he never spill out anything if not he is going to be in pepper soup.
Candela goes to El-Santuario to ask Dominga and Melesio to come back to the ranch since this is their last chance of asking them because if they refuse she won’t beg them again and after Aldonza delivers the message to them, they asks her to tell candela that they really appreciate her offer but can’t accept it since they are fed up with her blackmails. Candela then becomes angry at Aldonza and tells her that surely she’s done a lot of things including stealing her son from her but never thought Aldonza would be capable of manipulating those old people that way because she can’t even afford them anything like what they gave them least to think of compensation but Aldonza corrects her that though they do not have money, they will always treat them with respect and love which is enough but as surely as life keeps on going, the land will prosper and together with their love ones, they have enough to lean on without having to compete with any one. Aldonza then asks her to leave and Whiles going, she bumps into Lola and commands her to move and give her way but Lola challenges her that, the ranch isn’t hers therefore she has no authority to be ordering people about.
Valeria goes to thank Severiano for allowing her to leave in his house and after she wishes him goodnight kiss on his cheek after Valeria left, Severiano touches the kiss with his hand and kissed those fingers with his lips.
Right after speaking with Severiano, she goes to surprise Cristobal with a phone since his got spoilt at the hospital. Cristobal grows so happy and thanked her and after she left, Cristobal quickly takes the phone to call Aldonza to wish her goodnight and to directly tell her that he’s gotten a new phone which she can call him through anytime. They also again discuss that they have to speed up their wedding so they can be together. In that same vein Valeria awaits at the back of the door to actually see if her guessing will surely come true and exactly that was what Cristobal did by calling Aldonza first and in seeing that, she intentionally bumps into the room again to just tell him that she forgets to tell him something and as it is Aldonza overhears a lady’s voice and asks Cristobal what that person is doing there at that time of the night and she also asks him she guesses it’s Valeria and asks him to explain to her what she is doing in his bedroom that hour?

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