Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 6th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 6th March 2016

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Father Jeronimo right after speaking with Silvia and Renato, he goes straight to Las Animas ranch to confront Severiano that the blackmail attempt he planned against him through Nasaria and her granddaughter failed completely and anxiety caught up with Severiano but he tries to deny it but he tells him that whether he admits it or not but he knows he is responsible for that scandal. Father again threatens him that, Nasaria was overtaken by her own conscience and that it wasn’t hard at all to convince her that what she’s is about doing is illegal, so if he wishes to recover his money then he will recommend that he goes after Nasaria at the bus station to recover his money since the woman is leaving to her village. All this was a trick from father Jeronimo to pull Severiano’s legs so he could rather feel frightened of him and to let him know that he is clever than Severiano and father and his lawyers achieved exactly that.
Immediately father Jeronimo left his office, Severiano becomes very angry and quickly calls Rogelio to enquire if Nasaria left town or not because father Jeronimo never fell for their scheme. Suddenly he took his car to meet Rogelio so they could go check on the woman if she’s indeed gone of not. All this while, Patricio was hiding somewhere watching every step of Severiano as he moves out of the ranch and takes a taxi to gradually go after him to nowhere exactly the woman and her granddaughter hide so and he delivers every bit of the information to Silvia and Renato.
Candela insists that Cristobal calls Aldonza on phone to spill the truth of valeria’s pregnancy to her but he refuses and states that it will be better to see her one on one to say that but candela threatens him that if he refuses not to disclose to Aldonza then, she is going to look for Aldonza everywhere so she can do that herself.
Prudencia becomes distressed upon hearing the crazy and outrageous thing Thomas is trying to do and she calls Valeria to inform her but she thinks that her mother shouldn’t worry since it will end in good fate by strengthening the love between her and her father.
Severiano and Rogelio arrives to check on Nasaria and to their amazement, the woman and her granddaughter were there and she tells him that father Jeronimo only wanted to spoil his sleep and that is exactly what he did. He then warns the woman not to try playing with his intelligence because if not he will have him to contend with. Righter after the two of them left, Patricio calls Renato and Silvia and quickly they arrive with a police car to give a light without a blowing any siren and a taxi. They go inside and as usual threaten her to either accept to go to jail for the rest of their lives or leave with taxi and Nasaria spill out the truth and accepted to go with the taxi to her village and he left Severiano’s money to them so they can give it to him back.
Thomas after Prudencia’s breakup with him, he climbs to stand at the longest top bell tower of the church and wishes to jump to kill end his life since the love of his life refuses to be with him again. This draws the whole of Santa Lucia around to watch him and to plead with him to get down but it was to no avail. Lulu therefore calls father Jeronimo to inform him and he goes to do all his possible best and got him down though it seemed very difficult convincing but Thomas understood after so many encouraging words from father that life goes on no matter when even all hope seems lost and the people begins to give shout out to father for that splendid act of saving Thomas. After he hands Thomas over to his parents as they were informed by some of the witnesses.
Valeria brings her pregnancy test to Cristobal and she tells him that whether he likes it or not, she is the one going to give him the child and not that stupid Aldonza.
Aldonza and Lola still at the bridal shop but she begins to have strange feelings and she tells Lola that she senses all isn’t well with father Jeronimo, Cristobal and Adelina but Lola thinks she is just stressed up with so many things but she reminds her that it was the same feeling she had towards her mum and it indeed manifested but all she hopes is everything to be alright.
Severiano also continues to also pressure Cristobal to divorce Aldonza and marry Valeria if not the innocent child is going to suffer and will be disrespected and looked down upon as in the case of Emmanuel but Cristobal still stands on his words to take responsibility of the child and not marry Valeria out of pity.
Emmanuel receives his training from his instructor and in the course Mr. Antonio’s cousin veronica arrives and Emmanuel upon spotting her grows so confused and he lost concentration and falls down from the horse to hurt himself. Veronica then agrees to put ointment on him and the girl discloses to him that she is Antonio’s cousin and one could see that he is interested in her.
Aldonza calls Cristobel to inform him about their return to Santa Lucia since they are done with wedding shopping and whiles speaking on the phone Valeria overhears it him telling her that he’s going to be on his way to pick her at the bus station since it’s urgent that they talk.
Severiano and rogelio in the night decide to check on Nasaria once again but unfortunately for him, he only discovers father Jeronimo in the room and he tells everything to him about how Nasaria agrees tto leave but fortunately she took a bit of his money and took a taxi to her village and left the rest of his money behind for him and whiles he stretches his hands to give it to him, Severiano furiously blows the money away and pulls out his gun at father Jeronimo’s forehead and father not being afraid of anything asks him to pull the trigger since causing his death will end him in prison forever and that will even give Cristobal and Aldonza the opportunity to be together. Suddenly, Silvia and Renato arrive to ask him to drop his weapon so not to get to jail and Rogelio also seconded so, Severiano agrees and upon considering father’s sayings, he tells him he is never going to give him the pleasure of Aldonza to be with Cristobal since that will be over his death body. He then drop his weapon and left.
Cristobal meets Aldonza to pick her at the bus stop and as he was about telling her about the pregnancy, Valeria arrives from nowhere to blow it first into Aldonza’s face before Cristobel and she asks if what Valeria says is true and he confirms it and Aldonza swam in grief and states that it’s over between them and this time it’s forever.

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