The Gate of Firmament [English VERSION] PC RePack CorePack

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The Gate of Firmament [English VERSION] PC RePack CorePack

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In ancient times long ago, in order to find his beloved missing daughter, the divine Jade Emperor opened the gates of heaven, allowing a direct connection between heaven and earth. This was done, so that worthy mortals could appeal to the Jade Emperor and obtain divine powers, to aid in the search of his missing daughter. However, this gift was exploited and taken advantage of, causing chaos in the mortal realm. The Nine Li Tribe became a cult that worshipped demons and practiced in the occult, divorcing themselves from the businesses of the mortal realm. Forces of evil suddenly arose, inciting wars across the continent, condemning people into a life of fears and sufferings. Emperor Zhuanxu feared the demon Chiyou would once again ravage the mortal realm. Limited by his own capabilities, he sought the help of the Queen of Huaxu, who once assisted Xuanyuan the Yellow Emperor in warding off the Otherworld with the Bell of Donghuang. Both Fuxi and Nuwa—the children of the Queen of Huaxu—also supported Emperor Zhuanxu in convincing the Queen, for they too could not bear to watch people suffer any longer. In the end, the gates to heaven were finally sealed with the powers of the Divine Artifacts combined.

Genre: RPG
Developer: DOMO Studio
Publisher: SOFTSTAR Entertainment
Platform: PC
Language: EN
Release: RePack By CorePack
Size: 6 GB

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