Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 11th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 11th March 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),

Cristobal meets Aldonza to pick her at the bus stop and as he was about telling her about the pregnancy, Valeria arrives from nowhere to blow it first into Aldonza’s face before Cristobel and she asks if what Valeria says is true and he confirms it and Aldonza swam in grief and states that it’s over between them and this time it’s forever. Cristobal then says to her that even if Valeria is expecting a baby, he still loves her and not Valeria and therefore will not give her up for anything but she still insists on breaking up with him since she can’t stand her husband bearing a child with another woman who has always being a stumbling block to them.
Father Jeronimo goes thanks Renato and his team for helping him to deal with Severiano because if not the scandal by this time could have being created. Renato then suggests to him to press charges against Severiano if he wish but he resists to let him be but they will do everything possible to expose him to the town and not make him feel like he owns the people of Santa Lucia.
Adelina takes a look at Raymunda’s picture and she continues to say to herself that it was her fault he died since his death could have been prevented if she had told him the truth about his wife’s Roberta’s relationship with Severiano. Right after Dominga left her, Joaquin arrives and Adelina asks a favour from him to stay away from her because there are many evil things she’s done and therefore does not deserve him and will requests that he gets back with Flabia but Joaquin refuses to listen to her but insists on loving Adelina but she angrily asks him to leave her alone.
Aldonza goes to the church to have peace within her heart and father Jeronimo arrives to ask her why she feels so sad and after telling him everything, he urges her not to blame Cristobal for hat mistake because that was bound to happen after he made himself to go that far with Valeria. Therefore the only thing he will say to her is that, the three (Cristobal, Aldonza and Valeria) take the wise decision to decide their future and that of the future of the child before them. Aldonza then sees it as a nightmare but he consoles her that, it isn’t the end of the world though it might seem so.
Thomas goes to see father Jeronimo to confess his sins to him because he feels heavy laden with guilt. Father then gives him the opportunity and after telling him all of the wrongs committed by coveting Humberto’s wife Prudencia, going with Abelardo to shoot at el-Santuario and quickly one could tell that father Jeronimo was angry with him as he tells him that one of the gun shots almost killed him but he shouldn’t Because God forgives everything. After the confession whiles they come out of the church, father Jeronimo hits Thomas severely and he falls on the ground and after he enquires why he did that to him, father Jeronimo states that, it was because that gun shots he gave almost killed him and he’s not being able to get over it. Thomas then asks him if he wasn’t the one who assured him that God has forgiven him and that his mercies are infinite and he answers him that of cause GOD is but he has no infinite mercy. He then lift him up from the ground and together they left to where they were going.
Candela congratulates Valeria for telling Aldonza about the pregnancy and whiles they keep talking, Cristobal enters upon reaching home to confronts Valeria in the presence of his mother on why she has to go ahead of him to tell Aldonza about the pregnancy because he is not even sure if that child is his and this generates into a huge argument but he warns her that even if Aldonza refuses to marry him, he will never think of loving her least to think of marrying her.
Mary appeals to her mum to allow her work at the shop again and after agreeing, she tells her that if she is coming back then she doesn’t want her to start fighting with Lola again and quickly Uriel ask her to then fire Lola to prevent all of these from happening since Mary is their daughter and also Lola is a thief but madam Emma grows very annoyed and tells them that he is never going to fire Lola to please Mary just because she is her daughter and cause harm to Lola who has always being a faithful storekeeper for her.
Aldonza goes to speak with Renato to precede her divorce because she is not going to get married to Cristobal anymore. She then explains everything to him after Renato asks for explanation and Silvia eavesdropping becomes very sad after hearing it. Renato then tells her that all the proceedings has been done so she can now exhume the remains of her father and sister for cremation and that comes a great news to her and she agrees to carry on.
Lola arrives at the shop and after seeing Mary, she begins being sarcastic towards Lola as being a thief but madam Emma shuts at her and she apologizes to Lola for calling her to ask her about her lost money and Lola asks her not get worried because she only knows that it was Mary who poisoned her mind against her but all she wants to tell her is that, she wants to resign from the job so not to cause any problems for her family. Madam Emma then becomes sad but Mary thanks her stars.
The friendship between veronica (Mr. Antonio’s niece) continues to generate into a different dimension though Emmanuel isn’t much into her but she gives him her first perk/kiss on his lip and Emmanuel becomes confused.
Cristobal goes to see Aldonza to clear things up and he tells her that if she thinks she is trying give up on him just to sacrifice her love for Valeria’s child to have a family then she is mistaken because nothing or no one can convince him to be with Valeria. Aldonza then tells him that she isn’t doing that to suit anyone but to protect her interest because she has no means of marrying someone who is going to have a child with another woman especially when it’s Valeria because that child is going to bind them (Valeria and Cristobal) for the rest of his life if he hasn’t thought of that and can’t bear that. Cristobal then states that he knows how to separate one from the other because his responsibility is with child and not Valeria but Aldonza pleads with him not to insist as she’s already made her decision not to marry him though she loves him with all of her life.
Severiano gets some flowers to give to valeria for giving them a grandchild and candela thinks it’s a great idea since Cristobal has not being giving her attention. In that same vein, Prudencia has also with valeria in her room in Las animas Ranch and as usual arguing about the father of the child and unfortunately for the, Severiano whiles almost about entering the room overhears Valeria warning her mum not let anyone know that her baby is not Cristobal’s. Severiano grows furious and puts the flowers away and enters to enquire who the real father of the child is if not Cristobal’s and they become nervous.

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