Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Satruday 12th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Satruday 12th March 2016

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Severiano grows furious and puts the flowers away and enters to enquire who the real father of the child is if not Cristobal’s and they become nervous. Valeria tries to deny that the child is not Cristobal’s and He shuts Valera up and says to her that he’s always thought of Aldonza for being the worse woman in this world not knowing she is rather the whore and for trying to play on his intelligence and since it’s a sensitive matter he has to let his son know about it therefore no more support for her (Valeria) again.
He left in anger to look for Cristobal but unfortunately Cristobal was nowhere to be found and whiles waiting outside for him to return, Jacinto also arrives to tell him that his car is ready for the important assignment but didn’t mention exactly where he decided to go. And according to Severiano is also another one that can’t wait so he takes the car keys and leaves to only God knows where.
Prudencia then begins to worry for her daughter and quickly asks her to pack her things so the bomb does not explode in their face but Valeria assures her that Severiano can still change his mind about telling Cristobal since he does not want his son to end up with Aldonza and so she is going to so everything to make sure that Severiano refuse to say anything.
Humberto hears of Valeria’s pregnancy through candela and seriously he grows mixed up with feelings disappointed, angry and even wishes to kill her daughter but candela asks him to calm down since whether hook or crook she and Severiano are going to let their son to marry him.
Severiano goes to speak with the head of parish priests his eminence to discuss matters concerning father Jeronimo and all that he’s done against him.
Adelina finally admits to father Jeronimo to spill the truth to Aldonza about all the secrets she’s been hiding concerning her father and supposed sister.
One of the workers upon seeing the great gesture developing between Emmanuel and veronica, he approaches Emmanuel to warn him to be vigilant since that is typical of her because she might end him in trouble and though Mr. Antonio is a really good man but at the end can prove himself wicked when it comes to matters concerning his niece. Emmanuel then thanks him for opening his eyes since he never wants to commit mistakes again as in the past.
Severiano arrives home and quickly Valeria enters his room and begins begging him not to say anything to his son because she is willing to do everything he is going to ask her to do. Severiano then agrees to her sayings and he tells her that she should have putting her trust in him since she is also ambitious as he is. So to be able to keep it as a secret he wants them to form an alliance and together they can destroy Aldonza and the other one is to get back el-Santuario documents in her name by convincing her father. All these while, Severiano continues to caress her for all he can and again he tells her that, she is to give him what every man would want from an woman and Valeria pretends not to get it but he alerts her that she is very intelligent to understand his sayings. Valeria then agrees to all of these proposals from her uncle. Whiles they keep talking, Cristobal arrives to ask his father about why he needed him so urgent to talk to him about and he only states that he wanted to speak to him to marry Valeria since that child is his blood but Cristobal still stands by his words of not marrying Valeria.
Candela goes to speak with Aldonza to stay away so Cristobal now that Valeria is expecting his child so he can take full responsibility and Aldonza tells her that there is no point in telling her that so she can feel guilty because whatever her son does with his life is his own business and not hers and staying away from Cristobal will be determine only by her and not her (candela) but she is giving her the good news she’s always yearns to hear and that is, they signing their first divorce process tomorrow and candela thinks it’s a good idea.
Candela again speaks with Dominga and Melesio to return to the ranch and she gives them their severance pay and asks them to think about it. Dominga then becomes so worried but Lola tells them not to return because those people have always treated them like garbage and a nonentity and also Mr. Severiano also made her mother disappear without letting her to say goodbye to her (Lola).
Cristobal goes to see Humberto and he asks him what Cristobel is going to do to remedy the situation he’s putting his daughter into and Cristobel still stands by his words and says to him that, he is going to take full responsibility of the child and give him his name but can’t marry Valeria because he doesn’t love her since by doing so will make him end up like his parents supposed marriage and that of him (Humberto) and Prudencia.
Valeria intentional goes to reconcile with her father so he can win him over and then convince him to give her el-Santuario as she agreed with Severiano. After begging his father to forgiveness, he tells her that the only way he is going to know that she is a changes person and very regretful is for her to return to their house and Valeria agrees.
Flabia gives out a dangerous cough and after Joaquin detects that, he discusses it with Renato and he suggests to him to allow Flabia travel to Mexico to see his father since he is a good daughter who handles such issues and Joaquin thanks him for the offer.
Madam Emma goes to speak with Lola to return back to her shop but she becomes so worried that she doubted her integrity but Lola asks her to give her time to think about it.
Veronica during the night enters Emmanuel’s room and after seeing him fast asleep, she goes to sleep beside him stating that she feels cold and unfortunately Mr. Antonio bumps into them and becomes furious since he thought otherwise.
Aldonza sits on her bed and still shedding tears and Lola enters to tell her to try thinking of the pregnancy in a different direction since Valeria’s pregnancy can be for Abelardo before he died and Aldonza becomes confused.

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