Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 13th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 13th March 2016

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Aldonza sits on her bed and still shedding tears and Lola enters to tell her to try thinking of the pregnancy in a different direction since Valeria’s pregnancy can be for Abelardo before he died and Aldonza becomes confused but after deliberating on it, she asks Lola to forget because she doesn’t believe it and Lola asks her to do what she thinks pleases her.
Mr. Antonio refuses to give Emmanuel a chance to explain himself after seeing his niece lying beside Emmanuel and he tells him that after giving him a home and living him all the love this is how he pays him back therefore the partnership he had with him is over and again he should leave his house the next day. Emmanuel then becomes so dejected and it seems his life is against all odds.
Cristobal arrives home to tell his mum that after speaking with his uncle Humberto he’s realized why he can’t marry Valeria because he is not in love with her. candela then tells him that she also went to speak with Aldonza so she can leave him alone and Cristobal upon hearing this becomes so angry at his mum and begins breaking glasses and roaring at his mum to stop disturbing Aldonza and also stop interfering in his affairs since Aldonza has nothing to do with his decision because the only person she has to talk to is him and not Aldonza.
Lulu informs father Jeronimo about a call she received on behalf of him from the diocese since he was not around and without much time father Jeronimo goes to see the archbishop and he tells him all about the things Severiano came to disclose to him about forging of his signature to cause a scandal and the supposed impregnating a young lady after father Jeronimo admitted that of the signature, the archbishop concludes to transfer him to another diocese far away from his family so to seize him from temptation in trying to protect his family and have time focus on the work he’s been ushered into and though it comes as a though decision for him, he had no choice than to accept since there is nothing he says that could change the decision of their high priest.
Renato calls his father to plead with him that he is sending a patient called Flabia over to Mexico to come to his hospital to have herself checked since she has a severe cough and his father accepts.
Melesio asks Dominga if she is willing to go back to candela’s house or not, and she says that she is willing to go no matter how grateful Aldonza received them but she still wants to be with candela since she’s being her nanny since childhood. They therefore goes to speak with Aldonza and they disclose to her their decision of returning to Las Animas ranch and Aldonza accepts it with gladness and tells them that they are welcome anytime they wants to visit or come back.
Dominga goes to speak with Severiano not to try being harsh on Dominga and Melesio if not he’s going to have to deal with her first and Severiano tells her to do whatever pleases her Because he careless about that since she never even consulted him before asking them back and assures her love for them.
Uriel reads through the newspapers and he finds out that, Renato needs a secretary in their office and Mary seeing that occupying that position will draw her closer to Patricio which can lead to his break up with Lola, she quickly tells his parents that she wishes to apply and take up the position. Her parents find it too weird since Lola has resigned upon her coming back to the shop but Mary still insists and Mary says she can hired Lola back again because her dream is to become a lawyer in future. She goes to speak with Patricio
In the same vein, Lola and Aldonza sits at the table and Lola complains about not having a job and Aldonza reveals to her that Renato needs a secretary so she can speak to him on her behalf and quickly Lola also rises to go and see Renato at their office to speak to him about the job.
Veronica tries explaining things to Mr. Antonio to beg on behalf of Emmanuel because she is the one to blame and not Emmanuel because he is the most decent guy she’s ever seen, but he still finds it difficult to believe and whiles charting Emmanuel comes out of his room with his belongings to wish him farewell and to thank him for everything and as he goes to untie his horse, Mr. Antonio asks him to stay back because though he doesn’t believe a bit of truth in what veronica is saying, he wants to give him a second chance. Emmanuel then thanked him and together they all go for lunch.
Melesio and Dominga return and all the workers including Cristobal and candela grow too happy and they all mention that the ranch was never the same without them.
Aldonza decides to carry on with her life and therefore decide finally to divorce Cristobal and they all go to the registry but upon Cristobal’s arrival, he declares that he isn’t going to sign but Aldonza begs him not to make things difficult and sign so she can be with Renato and Cristobal grows in shock

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