The UNFORGIVABLE episode 67 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 15th March 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 67 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 15th March 2016

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Magdalene tries begging veronica and convincing her not to state awful words about her mother but veronica continues to say that all she feels for her mum is resentment and nothing else since she abandon her. Matilde also tries calming her down to make her see reason that it was due to circumstances that caused her mother to leave her but veronica thinks nothing can justify her mother’s heartless actions. Magdalene again says to her that she is not to judge her mother without hearing her side first but veronica still insists and after realizing that her mother’s issue was taking the center of their conversation, she just walked away.
Aaron after realizing that he had no money again after gambling, he goes on an agreement with clement to look for veronica to drain money from her by poisoning her mind against Magdalene and let her know that he actually meant good for her whereas her mother only abandoned her.
Considering Manuel’s behavior of late, Mr. Crescencio feeling so sad and shedding all the tears in the world, he calls martin to thank him for giving Manuel a second opportunity and he also hands him over to him to straighten Manuel for him since he has no more strength to do so. Martin then assures him that he is going to make Manuel value hard work to earn his daily bread.
Manuel speaks with his friend Juan Cho and he tells him that he only accepted to work at the mine just to win his uncle over so he can put back his name in his WILL again and then that will make him an owner of the mine after his grandfather’s death. Juan chop then tells him that, then he would have to wait a long while to inherit his fortune but Manuel asks him to continue dreaming because he has no time to wait for that long but will see to it that his grandfather dies soon then he will take revenge on his sister and all those who made him suffer.
Veronica feeling so sad after the conversation she had concerning her mum, she tells martin all about it and how she hate to know anything about her mother after being so heartless towards her but martin tells her that, he is going to help her look for her mother so she can face her to tell her that she hates her very much and can’t forgive her and that he thinks can help her do away that resentment in her.
Emiliano asks Nicholas is he’s found a lady of his class but he tells him that all the young ladies he’s seen are just ambitious and opportunists. Emiliano then advices him to put a stop to engaging with sugar mummies since that is what he is fond of since their childhood as he was used to dating their female teacher but Nicholas tells him that there is no way he can stop dating women because they know what they want unlike the young ladies. Whiles charting, madam Salma arrives and Emiliano pleads with her to take Nicholas to see Virginia and whiles on the way the nurses almost run an emergency patient into them and Nicholas in trying to save Salma, he pulls her closer and with their eyes meeting each other’s, one could tell that Nicholas wishes to have Salma as his next woman on the line.
Manuel goes to say words of apology to Pablo at the hotel to ask him to forget about the past and let them be friends since he is now going to be his brother-in-law but Pablo tells him that he believes him not and therefore refuses to give him a second chance but will only give him the benefit of the doubt all the same if he dares do anything stupid, martin and him will never hesitate to bring to prison.
Daniel discovers from Emiliano that the two of them have plans of going to Cancun to spend some time there and also to partake in an artery competition but Daniel seeing that Virginia tries hiding that for him, he goes to confront Virginia not to try making a fool out of him when it comes to any decision she takes with Emiliano as they are in the game together and for Virginia to calm his anger down, she offers herself as usual on the hospital bed and after Daniel tells her that she is not to try playing smart because he always records every bit of thing he and her have done together, also about her pretense of having a heart condition and the others since the day they met. Virginia becomes shocked and asks why he does that and he tells her that, he’s keeping all those records to be able to send it to her beloved Emiliano and dear uncle if she dares betray him (Daniel).
Mariana after getting to the Hotel at pueblo Nuevo, she tries all her best to bribe Romeo the receptionist to show him the room of Pablo but since their customer’s privacy is their hallmark, Romeo tell it straight to her face that they are not for sale and therefore if she dare do anything also by knocking at every door to disturb the peace of their customers as he says, he is going to have her thrown out of the hotel and Mariana restrain her idea and tells him to inform pablo that she resides there in case he comes back to the hotel.
Aaron and clement begins their plan B and therefore Aaron sends him to see Mr. Jorge to tell him that he is Veronica’s uncle and a brother to Aaron. Jorge becomes shocked that after such a long time a person just shows up to claim that he’s the uncle of veronica. Jorge feeling something fishy puts a question to him to let him know how he traced the where about of veronica and tension caught up with clement as he becomes speechless.

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