The UNFORGIVABLE episode 68 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 16th March 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 68 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 16th March 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Aaron and clement begins their plan B and therefore Aaron sends him to see Mr. Jorge to tell him that he is Veronica’s uncle and a brother to Aaron. Jorge becomes shocked that after such a long time a person just shows up to claim that he’s the uncle of veronica. Jorge feeling something fishy puts a question to him to let him know how he traced the where about of veronica and tension caught up with clement but he gathers courage and he tells Jorge that he lived somewhere but only returned and a good Samaritan told him that Aaron passed away and since veronica had nothing to do with problems he had with Aaron his brother he decided to look for veronica and that is how come that same good Samaritan showed him where he can locate veronica. He then asks Jorge to allow him to see veronica but Jorge still having doubt asks him to leave his contact behind so he can reach him should in case veronica accepts to meet him personally.
Virginia as usual begins shedding crocodile tears to Daniel that he is very ungrateful to have recorded everything that took place between that just to ruin her life after trying to sacrifice herself to get closer to Emiliano to make a fortune for them in future but Daniel tells her that she knows her too well so he is only trying to take precaution.
Polo writes a friendly letter to Dorita to tell her that after being friends for some time now he can really say that Dorita is one of his favorite shoes. After he showed her the letter and asks her to read it, he finds out that his friend is an illiterate since she’s never being to school before and Dorita seeing how embarrassing it seems, she runs off crying. Polo therefore goes with Blankita to ask veronica if she can help Dorita to read and write and she agrees to help the poor child in whatever she needs in life.
Martin and veronica take Manuel to the mining side to introduce him to them ones again that he will be working with them and suddenly all of the miners gets bored but they had no choice than to accept. Another message to them was that veronica is now going to also work with them from that day and this makes the miners decide that considering the superstitious believe when a woman enters the mine, they tell martin that if so they are all not going to work there again but after veronica suggests to them that she will make sure to improve their working conditions to improve their lives and with this idea they all agree to work again.
Mariana goes to convince one of the cleaners at the hotel to allow her enters Pablo’s room for just a second and the lady agrees. After entering, she discovers Ana Perla’s paintings all around and she becomes really hurt and she goes quickly to look for him where she can find him to settle things.
After martin discloses to Botel and Magdalena about veronica’s decision to work at the mine, they alert him that by so doing veronica will discover that they never had any problem at the mine and also the miners are going to disclose to her that the mine never suffered a misfortune but it was just made up story and this will cause will cause another problem. Martin then says he is going to find a way of telling her everything but Magdalena tells him that she is fed up of hiding the truth from veronica therefore she is going to reveal everything to her. So from start they go with martin to see veronica to clear things on why they chose to conceal from her that Demetrio was martin’s brother and since veronica knew that already she took it in good fate.
The children get a new teacher from the city and martin and the others meet to welcome her to the community and veronica introduces Dorita to her to help her and teach her on how to read and write.
Virginia and Emiliano goes to Cancun and Emiliano finally proposes marriage to her and since that is exactly what she wants she sees it as a dream come true and therefore never hesitated to accept.
Pablo and Ana Perla goes to the river side and whiles sharing some happy moments, Mariana arrives to cause a scene calling Ana Perla all sorts of names and asking why he chose to cheat on her with that tramp when she has everything ready for their wedding and Ana Perla becomes so dejected and asks Julio to take her home since indeed Crescencio was right to have said outsiders are bad people.
Pablo tries to explain to things but Ana Perla refuses to listen and Julio getting so furious at Pablo bother to her, he turns to warn him to stop bothering Ana but seeing how persistent pablo continues to be it ends up in a severe fight and Julio warn him that he is willing to defend Ana with his life.

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