The UNFORGIVABLE episode 69 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 17th March 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 69 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 17th March 2016

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Pablo tries to explain to things but Ana Perla refuses to listen and Julio getting so furious at Pablo bother to her, he turns to warn him to stop bothering Ana but seeing how persistent pablo continues to be it ends up in a severe fight and Julio warn him that he is willing to defend Ana with his life. Pablo again wishes to defend himself but Ana slaps him and asks him not to talk to him again. She then left with Julio and Mariana tells Pablo that they have to return to Mexico but Pablo says to her that it is over between them. Mariana questions Pablo on what he thinks others are going to think about her after all those invitation letters and Pablo asks her how she can even go to the extent of making wedding preparation without the consent of the other party so she has to face the consequences herself.
Veronica discusses with Matilde if they can assist Dorita with many things that makes life meaningful since her mother died and father too also have little time for her and Matilde accepts.
Jorge discloses to Salma about the conversation that took place between him and clement and clement revealing to him that he is the uncle of Veronica. Salma then suggests to Jorge that since it has turn out that veronica has a relative he has to inform her so she can decide to look for her real background to look for her real sir name and not some ones. Jorge then questions Salma on why she hates veronica to that extent because whether she likes it or not he adopted veronica and took care of her as his own daughter and therefore she is always going to be a Prado Castelo knowing her background or not as he is not going to cut veronica off just like that no matter how angry he feels for her.
Auspin asks for Hilary’s hand in marriage from Medel and it comes with tears of joy to him
Ana Perla tries killing herself after being disappointed by Pablo so she almost threw herself down into a pit but Julio arrives early to rescue her but after she goes unconscious and with martin arriving at the scene early, together with Julio they take her to see Botel.
Emiliano and Virginia continues to share happy moments in Cancun and both makes promises into the future to be there for each other without having anyone’s interruption.
Dussage meets Claudia at Mexico and he discusses with her that he’s made all the arrangement for them to go to Cancun to spend time together and it comes as good news to Claudia.
Daniel continues to record every bit of secret movement and affair between him and Virginia so to serve as evidence in case she betrays her and whiles recording, Virginia calls him to inform him that they made it since Emiliano has just proposed marriage to her but Daniel asks her to get rid of Emiliano soon if not he would have to tell every bit of truth to her loved ones.
Veronica, Matilde and Magdalena keeps on making the gift sacks for Ana Perla’s wedding and whereas Blankita also stays with Botel at the clinic receiving clinical tuition since she wishes to become a nurse in future and suddenly Julio and martin arrive with helpless Ana Perla to be treated by Botel.
Manuel meets Mariana at the river bank and she tries to get closer to her but she warns her that she isn’t alone because Pablo is her fiancé and they are getting married very soon. Manuel then becomes confused but quickly he feels that Pablo has been deceiving his family all these while. Manuel to be able to get the details of the affair between the two, he intentionally convinces Mariana that he is going to help her so pablo can go back with her to the city but before that she has to tell him everything whiles she goes with him to the canteen to have a drink with and Mariana agrees.
Matilde and Polo take Dorita out to buy lots of clothes for her so she can look very presentable in her dressing as suggested by veronica and it makes Dorita very happy.
Jorge discusses with Nicholas about Salma’s decision on veronica’s supposed uncle clement and how she wishes that veronica gets to know him but Nicholas advices Jorge not to do that but rather should have a thorough investigations done about that man if indeed he is as he mentioned to him then after he can tell veronica about it since she has actually being a part of their family and more of a daughter to him.
Aaron and clement still on the move and this time it’s for clement to try harassing Jorge’s secretary when he sees her come out of the corporation and he Aaron will try defending the lady and with that he will try winning the lady’s confidence to derive information from her concerning Jorge and veronica.
Ana Perla gains consciousness and she tells everything to veronica and Blankita and after all the consolation, she tells Ana that of cause it might hurt but throwing herself down to end life is not a solution to the problem but rather one has to carry on whether with a man or without a man because each one determines our own happiness and we need no one to make us happy. Because, that was only going cause grieve to her family and loved ones.
Manuel after speaking with Mariana and getting every bit of information he needs, he arrives home to tell his grandfather pablo fooled tem all because he had a fiancé from the city who has come into their town to look for pablo since they have done everything to even have their wedding. Crescencio then becomes disappointed and as usual he begins to have his heart attack whiles Manuel sits to enjoys grandpa’s disappointment.

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