Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 18th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 18th March 2016

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Aldonza decides to carry on with her life and therefore decides finally to divorce Cristobal so they all go to the registry but upon Cristobal’s arrival, he declares that he isn’t going to sign but Aldonza begs him not to make things difficult and sign so she can be with Renato and Cristobal grows in shock and says to Aldonza that she can’t be with Renato because he can prove that she is still in love with him and not Renato but Aldonza tells him that he is not to be so sure about that as now she is willing to be with Renato since he’s shown that he’s a 100% better than he Cristobal and also when a woman is disenchanted the love fade and that is what she feels for him (Cristobal). Cristobal then agrees to sign the first process of the divorce.
Humberto gets home to confront Prudencia that upon considering so many things about her adultery behavior, drinking etc, he’s realized how wrong he was to have gotten married to her in the first place therefore has finally decides to divorce her and this he thinks was something he should have done a long time but he restrain it for the sake of the daughter’s happiness but since none of them even gives him the regards as a man of the house, he’s willed to divorce her for good. Prudencia then tells him that she is never going to grant him any divorce so Humberto threatens her that if she refuses, her friend Teres is going to testify for him and also post her adultery act in the newspapers because he was the one who hired her to monitor every each of her affair with Thomas by pretending to act like she is also into committing adultery and suddenly Prudencia becomes shocked.
Lola goes to Renato office quickly to apply for the receptionist vacancy unfortunately upon reaching there, Mary comes out to the door and tries to be sarcastic towards Lola that he is the new secretary and that Renato and the others are not there but Lola ignores picking a quarrel with her since she predicted that is what Mary looks out for and she left home.
After going through the first process of the signing of the divorce, Cristobal quickly leaves and Renato asks Aldonza if she really meant what she mentioned to Cristobal about giving him (Renato) a chance and she answers him that she meant it since he’s proven to that he good but she can’t promise him anything yet and all she asks from him is to give her time to know him better and then they can try entering into a relationship and assures her that in the case he realizes that she is finding difficult loving him, he is going to be the one to pull back without any heart feelings and Aldonza agrees.
Prudencia goes to speak with Teres on how she can actually betray her own friend to that extent but Teres corrects her that she was the one who betrayed Humberto and tells her that she should have even feel ashamed to have come there to ask her about it therefore she has no time for such adulterous people like her so she then asks her to leave her house. Prudencia begins begging Teres not to testify for Humberto but she ignores her plea.
Lola calls Patricio and they meet at the restaurant as Patricio arrived, Lola asks him how he could allow Mary to be their secretary but he tells her that he only did it for her sake so she can go back to the notion store to help Madam Emma. Lola then alerts him that Mary only applied for that job just to be near him and cause a separation between them but she’s warning him not to fall for her game and also to remember that Mary is just his secretary and she is his girlfriend. As they come out Lola proposes to him that he helps her to look for her mother Alvatrie after explaining everything about her disappearance to him and Patricio agrees to do that that.
Cristobal arrives home and begins ransacking thing in the stables looking at how gradually he’s losing Aldonza and in the act Melesio arrives to asks him to stop being childish and winding and just fight for what he wants and if Aldonza wants to be with a different person he shouldn’t ruin his life just because he never had the woman he loved since after all she isn’t the only woman on earth but Cristobal tells him that for him Aldonza is. So Melesio then gives him a rope to hang himself to end his grieve if he thinks his life has come to an end because of a woman. Cristobal then becomes stagnant and begins shedding tears.
Severiano meets Valeria and he warns her that if he tries making a fool out of him again he is going be the enemy she’s never had before since she never even bothered telling him that she was leaving the house to stay with her parents. Valeria then tells him that she only did it because her father asked for it after pleading with him to forgive her for disappointing him as they planned and now gradually he’s going to convince him and will get el-Santuario for him.
Father Jeronimo’s archbishop concludes to transfer him to another diocese far away from his family so to seize him from temptation in trying to protect his family and have time focus on the work he’s been ushered into and though it comes as a though decision for him, he had no choice than to accept since there is nothing he says that could change the decision of their high priest.
Humberto leaves the house with all of his belongings to rent a room new room to get separated from his wife and after the landlord left him, he becomes so affected with situation and begins ransacking everything in the room and then he starts crying his eyes out.
Cristobal goes to speak with Aldonza that he isn’t going to allow her spend her life with someone she doesn’t love because he knows she only loves him and not Renato as he claims but Renato asks him to leave as Aldonza the both of the begins to pick a fight but Aldonza tells Cristobal that she’s fed up with his attitude of trying to pick a fight with everyone and therefore should leave since he isn’t the one to coach her on the kind of guy she has to love or not. Cristobal then threatens her that the divorce isn’t over yet so she can do whatever she wants but he is assuring her that he is not going to be at the next meeting.
Severiano cleans his gun and Valeria arrives to speak with him to go to the registry to let them hasten the divorce process and whiles they talk, candela enters and they think of how they are going to get rid of Aldonza and candela tells them that it is going to prove difficult because unless someone shoots her and that is what none of them is capable of doing or? Severiano then says to her that “well of course not candela!”
Aldonza thanks Renato for always being there for her and Renato tells her that she makes him the happiest man in the world and wishes that one day he is also going to make her the happiest woman in the world

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