Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 19th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 19th March 2016

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Aldonza thanks Renato for always being there for her and Renato tells her that she makes him the happiest man in the world and wishes that one day he is also going to make her the happiest woman in the world.
Valeria to be able to make Cristobal feel guilty for everything he’s doing to her and baby, she goes to give her engagement ring back to Cristobal so that in case he changes his mind to love her and leave Aldonza finally, he can give it to her again but he asks her to take it away or give it to his mum since she was the one who gave the ring to him to be given to her on the engagement day and also should remember that even if he Aldonza breaks up with him, he is never going to love her and she tells Cristobal that she really hates Aldonza for taking everything she wants from her.
Aldonza tells Adelina that she accepted Renato and Adelina advices her that she should have taken her time before deciding to be with Renato since she is just doing it out of spite or just to ease her pain but Aldonza says to her that this time her decision is real because is willing to do everything to love Renato.
Candela considering many awful things Jeronimo has caused her, she enters her wardrobe and brings out the candy house giving to her by Jeronimo and she hands it over to Dominga to take it or throw it away since she doesn’t need it again.
Cristobal in the night decides to go out to take some fresh air to free himself from the nagging of Valeria and he goes as far as el-Santuario since he misses Aldonza. Unfortunately for him at that same moment someone fires a gun shot at Aldonza and Cristobal rush there help Adelina and Carmelo to take her to the hospital. In that same vein candela and Severiano were also out of the ranch to only God knows where.
Emmanuel takes a look at Lola’s picture and he begins thinking about her. Suddenly veronica enters to ask him who that girl is and Emmanuel tells her that she was and is still the love of his life but they broke up due to circumstances. In that same vein Lola too goes out Patricio and whiles chatting, her mind goes off and begins thinking about Emmanuel.
Adelina confronts Cristobal sadly and hurtfully that everything happening to Aldonza is his father’s fault and all is because of him as they will rather die than to see him married to Aldonza but Cristobal tells her that since she has no evidence of seeing his father with a gun to shoot Aldonza, he finds it difficult to believe that his father has a hand in it. Adelina then tells him that though he refuses to believe the fact is clear because they know the heartless heart of Severiano but only he doesn’t know the kind of father he has.
Humberto after checking on Aldonza he delivers the information to Adelina and Cristobal that Aldonza is now out of danger since she became fortunate that bullet never damaged any of her system and Cristobal thanks him for everything. After Humberto left, Adelina asks Cristobal to leave since it’s been confirmed that she is out of danger and also he is not get closer to Aldonza again but Cristobal resists but he leaves unwillingly after Aldonza states that he is one of the reasons why things keeps getting worse. Aldonza no matter the convincing, she prefers to go home than to stay at the hospital so Humberto had no choice than to discharge her.
Cristobal angrily confronts his parents especially his father and wakes him up from bed to ask why he has to shoot Aldonza and it sounded a bit odd in his ears since according to him he has no idea of the shooting. Candela enters to rescue Severiano and he tells him that he never even step out of the ranch the whole day. After Cristobal left, candela tells Severiano that she doesn’t trust him because they all left the ranch and return the same time and the fact that he has one hand means that he could have hired someone to use his riffle to do the shooting so no one suspects him. Severiano still denies it and so candela quickly thought that Aldonza might be having another enemy apart from them but it’s a shame the person failed to kill her.
Cristobal still having some doubt goes to speak with Melesio to ask if indeed his father never left the ranch and he tells him that he would have to ask the workers since he went out to check on Joaquin. The next day, Melesio tells him that after enquiring from the workers they all proves that Severiano never left the ranch and Cristobal begins to wonder the person who shot Aldonza.
Father Jeronimo hears Aldonza’s shooting through Dominga after she pays him a visit at the parish and he becomes mixed up with emotion angry and nervous but she calm him down.
The next morning, Severiano goes to check if he has his riffle still lying at its place since he challenged Cristobal to show it to him that he never went out but unfortunately the riffle was nowhere to be found. He screams aloud to call for candela to enquire where the riffle might be since he can’t find it as he thinks candela might have done the shooting to blame him for whatever misfortune that happens to Aldonza but candela also denies it so they are become confuse.
Candela then goes straight to see Valeria and after convincing her enough, she spills the beans out that she was the one who shot Aldonza with riffle and her only regret is that she failed to kill her.

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