Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 20th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 20th March 2016

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Candela then goes straight to see Valeria and after convincing her enough, she spills the beans out that she was the one who shot Aldonza with riffle and her only regret is that she failed to kill her. Candela tells her that was a stupid decision on her side because if Cristobal is to find out that she was responsible, no power on earth will cause him to love her. Though she really and is desperately wants to get Aldonza out of the way but she will not have her hands soiled with blood as she (Valeria) has done. She then requested that she hands over the riffle to her so she can take it back and put it at its rightful place so no one detects it and Valeria did as she asked.
Joaquin becomes so worried about how his plan of divorce might end him up to lose his son to Flabia and he goes to seek for Silvia’s idea concerning the issue but she encourages him to be still since Rai is going to be left in his custody rather than the court handing him over to Flabia who is surrounded with many weakness. After this, Joaquin grew a little bit relieved and Silvia took leave of him so he decides to go wake Rai up to prepare him for school but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. Joaquin call Flabia and he begins to accuse her of taking away their son without his notice but she also tells him that Rai isn’t with her so both of them becomes nervousness.
Prudencia goes to ask Thomas to help her get rid of Teres since she wills to disclose and testify for her husband in court about the affair between them and also publish it in the newspapers . Thomas becomes furious and warns her that no matter what he will never soiled his hands with an innocent blood.
Father Jeronimo becomes so frustrated after Adelina tells him about Aldonza’s shooting but he calms himself down and after he checks on Aldonza, he promises to protect her from Severiano no matter what.
Valeria intentionally interrogates her father on how Aldonza is doing and after he tells her how Aldonza does, Valeria grows furious and complains to his father on why he can go to extent of saving his daughter’s enemy because all she wishes for that Aldonza is dead and nothing good. Her father then reminds her that it is his duty to save people and not to be heartless towards patients but he wonders how his own daughter could be so mean towards the lives of human beings.
Valeria goes to speak with Renato to hasten the divorce proceedings so he can have Aldonza and she too can have Aldonza to himself without any struggling. Renato upon listening to her quickly asks her out of his office and warns her never to step there again because she can’t convince him because he has something that is called ethics and that means that never in his life will he resort to tricky schemes to make the woman he loves fall for him and Valeria left in shame.
Teres’ child faces severe illness and since the amount needed for the operation is nothing that her family could provide as they have already used all their money on this illness, she sought to ask Humberto for help and whiles they chat on the phone, Prudencia eavesdrops till the call ended and Humberto agrees help her so she can see a doctor but with money he can’t help since things are now tough for him and one could see how nervous Prudencia was since she never though her husband was actually a friend to Teres like that. Seeing that Humberto wasn’t able help, she calls Teres as fast as possible to meet her so they can talk things over. After meeting, Prudencia offers to give her all of the money she needs on condition to buy her silence so not to testify against her for husband concerning her affair with Thomas and Teres had no choice than to accepts Prudencia’s money and remain silent.
Veronica buys horse riding suit and hat for Emmanuel and taking a look at it he finds them very expensive and beautiful. Suddenly veronica enters and he tells him that he doesn’t know what to say to thank her for the beautiful gifts and she quickly answers that then she knows what to do to substitute his thank and smartly she kissed him passionately.
For Lola to be able to make a fool out of Mary and to cause problem for her at the work place, he intentional allows someone to call her at the work place to come quickly over to the raffle commission since she’s won a television and if she only have just some hours to take the prize. Mary feeling so much happy runs out of the office without putting things in order to pick his prize and upon reaching there she is told that no raffle is taking place there. Lola then thanked the guy and she also enters the office to see Patricio and Lola tells him that he never met anyone at the reception and truly Silvia and Renato becomes so disappointed in Mary and asks Patricio to advise her to resign. After Mary comes out the raffle commission, she is met by a young and she tells her that Lola sends her a message through her to let her know that it is an April fool game and Mary becomes filled with aggressiveness and swore to herself that Lola will pay for it.
Flabia arrives at Consario’s hospital and he studies her illness carefully so she receives treatment and as it is now he recommends that she stays there for a while since her cough is a severe one which has caused many infections to some of her systems.
Adelina advises Aldonza to let them leave Santa Lucia since her live is at risk but she tells her that she is never going give in to Severiano or who so over because if that happens it means Severiano has won the battle but the only thing that will let her leave Santa Lucia is death.
Rai arrives home when all hope was lost by Joaquin and after asking him where he went, he tells him that he went to Adriano’s house to look for his mum but she wasn’t there. Joaquin then calls Flabia to give her the good news about Rai’s return and Adelina speaks with him to forget about Adriano’s place again and Rai agrees.
Renato pays Aldonza a visit and as he comes out to heard towards home, he bumps into Cristobal who also has come to the ranch to check on Aldonza and this ends up in exchange of words and Renato even accuses Cristobal for being the shooter as it seems so coincidental that during the time of the shooting he was around to rescue Aldonza and hurried her to the hospital. This almost ended up in a fight but Carmelo intervenes to stop them at the nick of time.
Cristobal enters and Adelina asks him to go away but Aldonza pleaded with her auntie to allow him speak with her. Aldonza then thanked him for rescuing her during the shooting. He then tells her that he only came over to tell her that he is going to leave her alone and stop hurting her and this time its forever. He is giving up on her not because he doesn’t love her rather to prevent his family from bothering her again. He then goes straight to perk Aldonza on her forehead to wish her goodbye and left and Aldonza begins crying.

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