Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 25th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Friday 25th March 2016

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Cristobal goes to bid farewell to Aldonza so that they will not see each again to prevent his parents from bothering her again. He did this by sealing it with a last kiss on her forehead and then he left her.
Prudencia pays a visit to Humberto at his office and requests that he comes back to live with her in their house but after Humberto refused, she accuses him for flirting with Aldonza which is why he even went to the extent of saving her life after being shot and that could be his main reasons for refusing to come back home. Humberto shuts her up and tells that he is definitely going to have the divorce but Prudencia refuses to grant him and again even threatens him that even if that happens, she will take all of the property from him and leave him with nothing because Teres will never testify against her again.
Thomas pays a visit to Silvia to invite her out for coffee and she accepted to give him the opportunity.
Father Jeronimo confronts Severiano to stay away from Aldonza because he certainly knows that he had a hand in Aldonza’s shooting but Severiano tells him that if he was the shooter Aldonza wouldn’t be alive because there is nothing that could have hindered him from finishing her up. Father again revealed to him that he knows that he went to speak with the parish archbishop to transfer him but he is is warning him that no matter what he does, he will still he will still do everything possible to reveal his evil deeds to the world. Severiano challenged him that he’s not afraid of his threats since he knows him to be a harmless priest.
Cristobal speaks with Melesio about Aldonza’s shooting and how he’s decided to give up on her so not to give his family the pleasure to harass her again. Melesio confidently tells Cristobal that his parents can’t be the only enemy of Aldonza but Valeria could be the one who short Aldonza though not sure since none of his parents went out of the house and Cristobal finds it so weird.
Humberto called Teres to ask her to testify against Prudencia so he can have his divorce but since Prudencia has already bribed her and made her swore, she tells Humberto that she can no longer testify for him but Humberto could feel there was something Prudencia might have done to keep her mouth shut but he took it in good fate.
Valeria calls Aldonza to tell her that she is sorry that she never died after being shot and after she hanged up, Aldonza tells Adelina about the strange call from Valeria and quickly it strike them that Valeria might be responsible for the shooting and not Severiano as they suspected.
Renato confronts Severiano for shooting Aldonza but Severiano becomes so angry at him that everyone blames him for every misfortune that comes upon Aldonza but Renato assures him that he is not to underestimate him because he will do everything possible to protect Aldonza.
Madam Emma goes to el=Santuario to speak with Lola again to accept her plea and come back to work with her but Lola felt so reluctant but Aldonza and Adelina did their best to convince her and later she agreed to go work with Madam Emma.
Aldonza experienced a great nightmare concerning Severiano‘s rape and she screamed until Lola entered to wake her up to remind her it was just a dream. Lola then enquires about what she dreamt about and Aldonza gathered the boldness and spilled out the truth about Severiano’s rape to her and it indeed comes as a shock to Lola.
In that same vein Severiano also witnessed a nightmare that Alvatrie has entered his room and has held his amputated hand so tightly and wouldn’t let go off him causing him a great pain. He then screamed until candela and Cristobal entered to remind him that is just a dream.
Cristobal confronts his parents ones again that if indeed they have nothing to do with Aldonza’s shooting then he offers his apology for attacking them but in case he finds out that they are responsible then, they would have to deal with him.
The police go to interrogate Severiano about Aldonza’s shooting but he tells the police officer that he knows nothing about it. He again asks the officer to sound a warning to Aldonza that if he dares to accuse him without any evidence, he is willing to sue her for slander.
Humberto after dressing Aldonza’s wound; she took the opportunity to discuss with him to consider selling El-Santuario to her since he knows that the property belongs to her but Humberto concludes by still standing by his words and this time he tells her that El-Santuario is a guarantee to the future of Valeria’s baby. Aldonza’s world then comes crushing down.

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