Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 27th March 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 27th March 2016

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Dominga arrives home late to meet all of them sitting at the dinning and after explaining the entire incidence at el-Santuario, Cristobal jumps in furiousness to attack his parents but Severiano becomes angry at him for always blaming them when they know nothing about it. Dominga then quickly clear the air that Prudencia was the Ganglia leading them. Suddenly Cristobal excuses them to go check on Aldonza. Immediately he left, Severiano tells candela that if they are going to be blamed for the foolishness of Prudencia and Valeria then, that is going to be those peoples last chance because he would have to put a stop to it.
Thomas goes home to speak with his parents that he has thought it wise to come back home and also to consider working at his father’s mechanic workshop and this brings great joy to his parents that their son has finally reason to become a responsible person.
Cristobal goes to check on Aldonza but Adelina refuses to let him see her since he’s been the reason for all of Aldonza’s misfortunes. Father Jeronimo pleads with her not to be so harsh on him but Aldonza still insist and so Cristobal had no choice than to go back home. All these while Aldonza sat on the stirs behind them listening to whatever was going on and quickly she runs inside so Cristobal never sees her.
Emmanuel together with veronica and mr. Antonio come out of the bar after having all the fun and unfortunately whiles coming out of the bar, the police arrive to call the arrest of emmanuel for stealing Severiano’s horse. Mr. Antonio then emmanuel to go with them without argument and again assures emmanuel not to worry because he will take care of the situation because there may be a mistake somewhere.
Cristobal confronts Prudencia and valeria to warn them never to try hurting Aldonza or doing anything to hurt her if not they are going to have him to contend with. After cristobal left, valeria also warns her mum that if cristobal takes his anger on her due to her mistakes, she will never forgive her.
Lola meets cristobal on the road an through their conversation, she tells her about how her mother Alvatrie disappeared from Santa lucia very strangely and she can see that something is not right because as it is also she was expecting a child who is also going to be their sibling but for some time now she doesn’t even know where she’s gone because Severiano only told her that Alvatrie left after she saw hom putting a trunk into his car boot.
Lola compels Aldonza to spill the truth about Severiano’s rape to Cristobal but Aldonza sees no reason to do so since after knowing cristobal and his temper, it will only ginger him and could be capable of killing his father.
Flabia calls Adelina on phone to warn her to stay away from her husband as she is still in love with him because she is not to take her being at the hospital to flirt with him because she will make it andcome back for him. Adelina then tells her that the only thing she expects her to do is to love Joaquin sincerely and stop being jealous because he is a good man as she’s broken up with him for the sake of Rai so the little boy will have his parents together.
Thomas after his parents acceptance, goes to thank father Jeronimo for all the good things he’s donefor him and teaching him to become a good person.
Emmanuel tells mr. Antonio the truth about the stolen horse after he visited him in jail. mr. Antonio seconded emmanuel for saving the horse’s life and therefore will do everything to get him out and emmanuel thanked him for believing in him. Suddenly the police arrive to transfer emmanuel to santa lucia prison and mr. Antonio promise him that he will be there to help him out.
Severiano to be able to have emmanuel rot in jail, he plans with Rogelio to forge Cristobal’s signature since the horse is in his name and knowing that cristobal will not agree to put emmanuel in jail, so he forges the signature which directly confirms that he was in agreement to put emmanul in prison. After, he gives the documents to Rogelio so there will be no trace.
Severiano calls for Cristobal and Candela to inform them that emmanuel has being arrested finally and will be locked up in jail and he is never going to set him free even if cristobal begs him. Severiano then asks if cristobal has something to say to him and cristobal tells him that, he is a nasty piece of work and it hurts him very much to have him as his father.

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