The UNFORGIVABLE episode 77 what to expect on UTV on 31st March 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 77 what to expect on UTV on 31st March 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Virginia meets with Daniel at a hotel and as usual after satisfying themselves, Daniel escorts Virginia to the entrance and whiles kissing themselves to bid goodbye to each other, Veronica and martin arrive at the hotel and unfortunately for Virginia, veronica spots them from afar kissing and quickly she calls out Virginia’s name and enquire from her if she isn’t the one who claims to love Emiliano so so much and after seeing this, she is really unforgivable.
Veronica again turned to Daniel to ask him he has no professional ethics at all for kissing one of his patient and she demanded for explanation but just when Daniel plan on saying something, Virginia stops him that he needs not to explain anything to this mad woman veronica since she has already made up her own mind by thinking that she is a prostitute like her (veronica). Virginia then states that she only came there so Daniel can check on her before she gets married so not to experience any complication with her heart condition and even lied that Mariana even came with her but she left ahead of them to see Pablo at the hospital. Veronica saw that all her explanations were lies and therefore promised her that she is never going to let her get away with this and also won’t allow her to deceive Emiliano like that but Virginia gives no damn to her threats.
After veronica left Virginia calls Mariana quickly and ask her to be her witness in case veronica comes up with any idea that she saw her kissing Daniel but the fact is she never did anything of that sought but veronica wants to make things up to stop her wedding with Emiliano. Mariana agreed and she on the other hand also try telling Virginia how Pablo has made her devastated by breaking up with her for good but Virginia snubs her and tells her that hers is an emergency. Virginia then goes with Daniel to the hospital to see Mariana face to face to explain things further with her.
Veronica angrily goes to tell martin about it and quickly martin remembered a past statement Virginia gave him after meeting her and Daniel in this same hotel that she and Daniel are having an affair but she pleaded with him not to tell her uncle since Daniel is not a rich person and she (veronica) uses to tell their uncle that they deserve to be married to people who will treat them like queens. Veronica quickly tells martin that those words are just lies from Virginia and therefore will let Emiliano know about it.
Salma meets with Magdalena and she apologizes to her for being so inconsiderate with her and Magdalena accepts on condition that she will accept who veronica is and treat her with respect if not there is no point in their chat. Salma then promised Magdalena that she will try and get along with veronica.
Virginia calls her mum to the hospital and after telling him in a malicious way what happened between her and Daniel and how veronica has misinterpreted it, she believed her and Mariana also served as a witness before Salma exactly as Virginia asked her and Salma as usual thought evil about veronica since Virginia shed tears with so much passion.
Nanciyaga bumps into Father Juan and she tells him that she feels so worried to keep hiding the secret from martin that veronica isn’t a bad woman who was in love with Demetrio. Father then asks her that she should have mentioned this a long time since it could have saved martin and veronica from many troubles.
Martin escorts veronica so she can tell Emiliano about Virginia’s relationship with Daniel but the most unfortunate thing is that Emiliano failed to believe and only thinks that veronica feels jealous of Virginia and therefore Virginia has never had a relationship with anyone and the only one she’s love is him. So veronica saw that all she said fell on death ears so she left him and told him to do whatever he pleases.
Joaquin escorts his family to the river bank as they go to Mexico City to assist Crescencio in taking care of Manuel. Nanciyaga meets them to give a necklace to Blankita to hand it over to martin to use it as a protection against all the bad storm he’s about to face in the city and tell him also that, veronica isn’t the bad woman.
Pier and Claudia arrive in Pueblo Nuevo and
Emiliano calls Virginia and after she came over to the corporation he demanded for explanation and as usual Virginia covers it with lies and making veronica the evil one and even goes to the extent of pulling Emiliano‘s engagement back to him but Emiliano though felt a bit doubtful he becomes convinced after that act and thinks veronica’s words were just a slander.
Since martin and veronica will be travelling to spend time together elsewhere, they visit Pablo and give him a cheque to settle his hospital bills and then use the rest to cater for himself.
Virginia returns to the hospital to tell veronica that the only thing she did was to strengthen the love between her and Emiliano since he was so dumb that he never believed anything she (veronica) went there to tell him. Veronica then congratulated her and Virginia warns her that neither she nor martin is invited to their wedding and veronica tells her that she wasn’t planning to even witness Emiliano ruining his life with search a dangerous and hypocrite and a selfish person like her. Virginia becomes offended and slapped veronica and in return she gives her double slap warning her that if she dares hit her she will hit her back double.
Raymunda tries advising Perla to give herself the opportunity to know Eleazar and if later she can be in a relationship with him because being with pablo will only cause her to lose all of her family since he only was about killing Manuel but if she intends not to then she should know that neither she nor grandpa and Manuel will accept Pablo in their home.
Jorge calls all of his family and finally he lets them know their percentages as to how he wills to share his property. 15% each goes to both veronica and Virginia whiles 20% each goes to both he and Salma and the 30% goes to Emiliano since he is going to manage the company. Virginia jumps into great joy but veronica tells his uncle that she refuses to accept since she already has enough. Jorge then sees Emiliano to the door since he excused them to go continue with his work. Virginia locks the door and together with Salma they attack her with their words that she is a hypocrite by pretending that she doesn’t like her share of the inheritance just to prove how good she is. Veronica then tells Salma that she finds it so strange that she enjoys defending Virginia so much because she isn’t in love with Emiliano but only in his money but one day she is going to regret having defended her so much and that scorpion will definitely sting her.

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