The UNFORGIVABLE episode 78 what to expect on UTV on Monday 4th April 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 78 what to expect on UTV on Monday 4th April 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Jorge calls all of his family and finally he lets them know their percentages as to how he wills to share his property. 15% each goes to both veronica and Virginia whiles 20% each goes to both he and Salma and the 30% goes to Emiliano since he is going to manage the company. Virginia jumps into great joy but veronica tells his uncle that she refuses to accept since she already has enough. Jorge then sees Emiliano to the door since he excused them to go continue with his work. Virginia locks the door and together with Salma they attack her with their words that she is a hypocrite by pretending that she doesn’t like her share of the inheritance just to prove how good she is. Veronica then tells Salma that she finds it so strange that she enjoys defending Virginia so much because she isn’t in love with Emiliano but only in his money but one day she is going to regret having defended her so much and that scorpion will definitely sting her.
Since Manuel continues to receive treatment from Mexico hospital, grandpa Crescencio rents an apartment in Mexico City through the help of Eleazar so all of his family can stay there until Manuel recovers.
Pablo’s hope of having Perla back continues to grow up and insists on not giving up on her but will rather fight till he gets her back though his mother advises him to forget her looking at the strictness of her family.
Veronica and martin begins their honeymoon finally at Cancun and one could tell how happy the two of them look since there is no interference from anyone.
Botel with help of his lawyers helps Magdalene to get a divorce from Aaron and quickly he meets with Magdalene to show the divorce documents to her and waaoooo! it comes as a great joy and a great freedom to her. Magdalene then thanked Botel for all his wonderful gestures towards her and Botel suggests that they get married as soon as possible and she agrees. Magdalena also shows Botel the results of the DNA Test and it proves truly that veronica is her daughter and Botel becomes so happy for Magdalena.
Quickly martin and veronica receives a message from Botel announcing their intention of getting marriage to them and also appealing to the couple to be their godparent and this brings too much happiness to both martin and veronica.
Crescencio takes Manuel to see his lawyer to put his name in his WILL and Manuel assures him that he is never going to regret it because he is going to take care of the family to make a good name in Mina Escondida.
The day arrives for the grand wedding of Virginia and Emiliano and Virginia and Salma seem so happy to have seen that day. Jorge says best wishes message to his son from the button of his heart but looking at Emiliano one could tell how reluctant he feels to getting married to Virginia since he is not all that in love with her.
Veronica and martin comes back home and she tells her husband how she feels so worried for Emiliano knowing perfectly well that Virginia isn’t in love with him. Whiles contemplating on it, Perla and Blankita arrive and as veronica takes Perla to get her a gift she bought for both Perla and Blankita. Blankita remains to give Nanciyaga’s necklace to martin and tells him that Nanciyaga says the white woman isn’t the bad woman and martin then becomes mixed up with feelings specifically confused and same time happy. After Perla and Blankita left, Martin just stirred at Veronica closely and as fast as possible he goes to kiss her so passionately veronica then find it so weird but martin tells her that he really love her so much.
Getting dress for his wedding his wedding also becomes a great headache for Emiliano and after Nicholas his best man enquiring from him, he tells him that he is not sure whether getting married to Virginia is the best thing to do since he woke up from bed with some doubts in his head.
Eleazar finally proposes to Perla in a romantic way so, Perla meeting with Pablo at the hospital, she tells him that she’s taking a decision to forget him and start a new life with Eleazar and this comes as a great heartbreak to Pablo as his world comes crushing down.
Veronica sees martin holding one of the V necklace and after furiously asking martin where he got that from, he finally tells her that Demetrio and it was given to him by the woman who drove him to kill himself. Veronica then concludes that if Demetrio had that ring then it was given to him by Virginia and martin ask her how that happened so veronica begins to remember Virginia’s relationship with Demetrio and how she ones saw them arguing and that was also the last time Demetrio left and never returned to their company again. After the recollecting, she says it straight to martin that the lover of Demetrio was Virginia and martin gets more and more confused and again pleaded with veronica with veronica to tell him the truth and so veronica discovers through their argument that martin suspects her as being Demetrio’s lover.
Martin then tells her all the things Virginia said about her (veronica) that she needed a man who will treat them like queens and she being the lover of Demetrio and so on, veronica becomes furious and wishes to go confront Virginia to unmask her lies because no matter what she will not allow Emiliano to marry that snake Virginia to prove martin wrong that Virginia was Demetrio’s lover and not her. Veronica then tells martin that it hurt her very much to see how he doubted her and chose to believe Virginia’s lie which has caused so many misfortunes to their marriage but no matter the apology from martin she refuses to listen and asks him to leave her alone.
After martin left, Magdalena arrives to show the DNA Test to veronica but she puts it away and she tells her that there is point in looking at it because her inner instinct tell her that she is truly her mother.
Eleazar visits Perla and in sincerity she tells him that before she gets married to him she wants be frank in telling him that she doesn’t love her but Eleazar thanks her for her sincerity and still wishes to marry her since it doesn’t bother him at all.
Virginia still dressing for her marriage and she decides and bring out a box having all of the pictures of Demetrio and her and also his letters to her. She states that before she gets married she needs to dispose the box off to concentrate on Emiliano for good. Whiles taking a look at them one of the picture falls without her notice and Matilde entered the room to tell her that Mariana has arrives with her bridal bouquet and she orders her angrily to arrange her room and warns her to get good manners next time to knock on a person’s door when entering.
Whiles arranging the place, she sees the picture on the floor and growing so socked, she goes further out of curiosity to open the box and she reads some of the letters and discovers that at long last it turns out that Virginia was the one dating Demetrio and not veronica as Virginia made the family to believe and smartly enough, she steals one of the pictures and hid it under her cloth. Matilde then quickly calls veronica to inform her about all that she saw in the box and the pictures.

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