The UNFORGIVABLE episode 79 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 5th April 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 79 what to expect on UTV on Tuesday 5th April 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Matilde then quickly calls veronica to inform her about all that she saw in the box and the pictures so veronica pleads with Matilde to try getting those pictures and the letters too but also cautions her to be very careful since Virginia is capable of the worse, so those items can serve as a strong evidence since she is going to tell Emiliano about the kind of woman he is getting married too.
Martin laments to Botel about how stupid he’s been to have not followed his heart but only took veronica on just for revenge and now he’s paying dearly for all the harm he’s caused her and now that she’s beginning know about the revenge he is afraid if she can even forgive him this time around since he allowed Virginia’s lie overtook his conscience.
Pablo becomes so dejected and useless since he’s not been able to paint again and his family is now short of capital and in the same vein the landlord also demands for his rent arrears and all this together come as a big blow but his mum calm him down to have hope since she is going to find a way of getting money without having to ask some from Martin since they have already done a lot for them.
Manuel threatens Perla that if she dares tell Eleazar that she is not in love with him and therefore is not going to marry him, he is going to kill pablo with his own hands and this brings fear and panic to Perla since she refuses to hope anything awful against Pablo. She therefore pledges allegiance to her brother that she is going to marry Eleazar and forget about Pablo on condition that he never hurt Pablo and Manuel agrees.
All set for the wedding and the new bride and groom get ready to go to the church and Virginia smartly enough calls leaves a message for Daniel to use her spare keys to come pack the entire Demetrio stuffs (box containing pictures and latters) so there will be no trace since their future depends on that as they are almost close to getting the fortune she’s always wanted.
Crescencio and Manuel sit Eleazar down and they plan on how his wedding with Perla is going to be and where it is also going to be held and Crescencio prefers that it takes place in Pueblo Nuevo so he agrees as his godfather has stated but one thing he never agreed to was allowing Perla and him to stay in Crescencio’s house even after marriage but he had no choice than to accept since he loves Perla. He then tells Crescencio about Perla’s words of not being in love with him and upon raising that topic Perla enters to tell them that she’s thought over things and has accepted to marry Eleazar believing that the love will come naturally after the marriage.
Eleazar then proposes to her sealing it with a diamond ring whiles at the dining table and quickly Raymunda suggests that they organizes the marriage preparations as fast as possible so the marriage can come on but one could tell how angry Perla, Blankita and Polo looks as Polo gets annoyed and states that he is not going allow his mother to buy him any suit to wear because he doesn’t want Perla to get married to Eleazar as he isn’t like his friend Pablo at all. Because from the look of things though the ring Pablo gave to Perla was just a simple one but Perla looked happy when Pablo gave it to her but his is that of a diamond ring but Perla continues to cry and it is not fair that Crescencio forces Perla to marry someone she doesn’t love at all. He then walks out of the table, followed by Perla carrying all her tears away. In the same vein Pablo also cries his eyes out thinking about how he’s just about losing or has lost Perla for good.
Perla collapses whiles having lunch making everyone worried.
Veronica and Magdalena head straight to church to have veronica clears her name and also to reveal the kind of person Virginia is to save Emiliano from all the misfortunes he would have encounter after marriage.
Everyone gather at the church hall to witness the great wedding between the Prado Castelos and the officiating minister as usual asks if anyone has something to say about the wedding and just within a second, veronica and Magdalena arrive and veronica shouts from behind that Emiliano can’t marry Virginia or better still before getting married there is something he has to know and if after that he chooses to proceed then that will be his own palaver. He then spills everything out one after the other and martin and Botel arrive to add up to veronica’s words concerning the V necklace and everyone become amazed with the so many revelations but Virginia still denies it and states that veronica is only jealous of her. Everyone becomes disappointed in Virginia especially Emiliano and Jorge except Salma who continues to back her up.
Matilde then comes out of the crowd to also add up to the evidence by showing the picture and telling them what the letters said but Virginia denies again that Matilde is also telling lies since there is no such letters like that knowing what she’s asked Daniel to do and Salma again thinks Vero is the one lying so Magdalena quickly suggests that instead of accusing veronica they should rather find out who is the actual liar. Emiliano therefore agreed with Magdalena and asked that they go home quickly to look for the box containing the letters and pictures.
Veronica pleads with Emiliano for ruining his wedding but he rather thanked her for saving him since that marriage might have ended him up in his doom.
Martin also speaks with veronica to forgive him since he now believes her as he was also a victim to Virginia’s lies but veronica says to him that she is not done clearing her name and will not rest until that is done and will prove herself to him since he’s doubted her always.

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