Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 9th April 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Saturday 9th April 2016

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LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST) Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Cristobal arrives home and after telling Aldonza about the unfortunate incident he got himself into, Aldonza laughed at him and says to him that is his punishment for kidnapping her, hiding her and for kissing her. She then tries checking on the wound on Cristóbal’s head and it ends them up kissing.
Renato goes to negotiate with Severiano so they can join hands together to get Aldonza and Cristobel back but Severiano kicks him out of his house telling him that he can’t suggest to him what on what to do. Renato then goes home and starts drinking alcohol to ease his pain.
Aldonza and Cristobel sleeps and she pretends to be sleeping and speaking in the dream by telling Cristobal that no matter what she does or say, he shouldn’t let her go. Cristobal tries calling her to ask about what she said but Aldonza intentionally slept off.
Father Jeronimo calls their archbishop to plead with him to give him a little time to look for Aldonza since she is missing and the permission is granted. Whiles making the call, candela arrives at the parish and overheard the conversation about his transfer and after the call she begins to cry pleading with him not to go because though she never ended up with him but his mere existence in Santa Lucia keeps her going. She then takes father Jeronimo by surprise and kissed him and suddenly Severiano also entered catching them red handed. He becomes so annoyed and hit father Jeronimo and candela tries explaining it to him but Jeronimo sacked them out of his office.
Veronica, Antonio Silvia and Patricio sit to have coffee and in their conversation Mr. Antonio expresses how sad Emmanuel could be in prison and veronica answers him that the truth of the matter is, Emmanuel’s sadness has something to do with a woman and quickly Patricio tells her that woman is Lola. Veronica then pleads with him if they can take her to see this special person of Emmanuel because she really wants to be introduced to Lola and Silvia agrees.
Silvia takes veronica to see Lola at Madam Emma’s shop. After introducing her to Lola, they all excused the two of them so they could have a chat but Mary wanted to have waited behind but her mother asks her to leave. After chatting, veronica suggests to Lola that they become good friends because she can see how sincere Lola is and that is why Emmanuel is so crazy about her.
Mr. Carmelo goes to beg Melesio to give him a horse in search of Cristobal and Aldonza and Melesio agrees.
Veronica after speaking with Lola and coming out, she bumps into Mary and she tries tarnishing Lola’s image to her but veronica puts her in her place by asking her why she (Mary) envies Lola so much because Emmanuel has told her all the pain she caused between him and Lola and that isn’t a good thing to do. Mary tries denying it but veronica advised her that, she should stop being envious and get rid of her resentment and by doing that she is going to look a thousand times prettier because as it is no matter what she does she can’t look like Lola rather should try and be herself if not she will end up with nothing. Mary then bows her head in shame as veronica left.
Mr. Carmelo walks through the forest and he comes across those guys with who Cristobal’s horse and after taking the horse he suddenly bumps into Cristobal and Aldonza and since Aldonza was getting so sick since the freezing was becoming so much, and Carmelo assist him and together they took Aldonza to the hospital.
Mary goes to see valeria and she tells her that Cristobal refuses to accept the child and Mary tells her that it may be that Cristobal thinks that the child isn’t his. Mary then asks if the is Abelardo’s or Cristobal’s and Valeria becomes nervous. All this while Severiano was eavesdropping the conversation and Valeria

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