The UNFORGIVABLE episode 85 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 14th April 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 85 what to expect on UTV on Thursday 14th April 2016

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:54 pm

Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Daniel calls Virginia to give him some money but she tells him that whatever they ones had is over and therefore do not owe her any favours. Daniel then asks her to listen to the recordings of all their affairs and there Virginia becomes so much disappointed in him for being a coward and going to the extent of recording that just to blackmail her and Daniel corrects her that knowing how she is, he thought it wise to record them for evidence sake and this is his opportunity because if she fails to give him the money he is going to do business with veronica with the recording and that is going to be the end of her lies.
The doctors conduct some test on Matilde and they report to veronica and the others that Matilde suffered a brain attack and in her pulmonary and this might make her remain in that state forever without talking but can listen to every conversation and this comes as big blow to veronica and the others except for Virginia who sees it as a great advantage since Matilde’s silence will save her.
Crescencio’s family still in search of Blankita and Raymunda continues to shift the blame on Perla for affecting her daughter with her bad ideas but Polo thinks his mum is exaggerating too much since Perla wasn’t even in the house when Blankita left home. All these while, Blankita was also being walked home by her new found Prince charming guy looking so happy. Blankita arrives home and Manuel as usual beats her up for staying out till night and Crescencio allows no one to interfere. He then asks Manuel to lock both Perla and Blankita up.
Martin finds it so difficult to seeing Emiliano hugging veronica at the hospital whiles veronica continues to pushes him away but rather entertaining Emiliano but Botel continues to encourage him not to give up but calm down.
Manuel seeing how Julio has been challenging him day in and out, he suggests to Crescencio to fire him but Crescencio thinks there is no need because he might end up letting Perla marry Julio if no one marries her.
After Perla and Blankita were locked inside, they then the girls girls talk were Blankita discloses to Perla about finding her Prince Charming Arturo and both of them share all the heart experiences at the first sight and quickly she takes Perla out to see him standing outside. In that same vein Pablo also comes to check on Perla and he bumps into Arturo and after introduction, they agree to become friends since they seek for nice flowers from the same tree.
Joaquin and the teacher becomes so close each and every day but one thing is for sure that both of them know their limit as just conversational bases.
Matilde opens her eyes and she becomes so worried that she begins crying but veronica asks her not to struggle to talk but try and get everything that she says to her and responds by touching her ones for “NO” and by touching her twice is a ‘YES’.
The night draws near and veronica sleeps after Matilde slept off and since martin refuses to go home, he also decides waiting at the balcony and after a while, he decides checking on veronica and seeing that she was asleep, he covers her with a blanket and placed a rose flower on it to wish her good night by sealing it with a kiss. He then went to sleep in front of the door.
Joaquin calls Raymunda to ask if Blankita has been able to find a nursing school of her choice but it turns out that since Blankita returned late to the house, Crescencio decides that he isn’t going to allow her to stay in the capital to study. Joaquin becomes angry and whiles telling Raymunda that blankita is their son and not Crescencio and therefore has no right to decide for her life, Crescencio takes the phone from her and tells Joaquin how dare he challenges his orders therefore for doing that, he is firing him from his mine and he is not to step there again for being an ingrate.
After hours, veronica wakes up and seeing the blanket and the flower she determines it was martin’s idea so she stands up to go outside and only God knows what she had in her mind but after opening the door and seeing her husband lying on the floor, she pulled back and looking so speechless, she goes straight to cover him with the blanket and kissed him to rest well.

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